Image Prompt 060 Response – Familiar


I chose the picture of my black cat, Locke, looking out the kitchen window for my story prompt this week.  This is the product of a twenty-minute sprint and a quick copy-edit.


Midnight had her paws up on the kitchen windowsill so she could see outside.  Amanda smiled as she got out of the car and saw her familiar watching for her arrival.  She hurried to grab the bags out of the trunk but walked carefully up the steps.  It had snowed again today and she needed to clear them off again, maybe put down some more salt to keep things from getting slippery.

Amanda unlocked the door and pushed it open.

“Hello my lovely,” she greeted Midnight, who was now sitting on the counter right beside the front door.

Midnight meowed happily, brushing her head against Amanda’s arm since her hands were full.

Amanda chuckled and set her bags down, petting Midnight with one hand as she closed and locked the door.  “All’s well?” she asked.

“No callers or intruders,” Midnight informed her. Continue reading

Image Prompt 043 Response – Half Moon


I selected the image of the moon through the trees for my twenty-minute sprint this week.  It makes me think of the witches in my Swords & Shields series, so I decided to do a little piece from when Sinikka was seventeen.

Half Moon:

Sinikka stood in the grass behind the house alone.  Her parents were in France this week, and Jordan was at a meeting at the Topoischús.  She was entirely alone on the estate.  She couldn’t remember a time in her entire seventeen years when she was completely alone like this.  Her parents, Jordan, or some other responsible adult had always been nearby before.

Slipping out of her shoes, Sinikka padded barefoot across the grass, moving away from the house.  On the estate she could be certain of her privacy and safety.  No one could cross the wards that wasn’t trusted implicitly by her mother.  She watched the trees, waiting for the moon to rise through their silhouettes in the quickly darkening sky.  It was only the half moon tonight, but she felt like celebrating nonetheless. Continue reading