Image Prompt 059 Response – 3 a.m.


I chose the picture of my apartment in grad school for this week’s writing prompt.  The usual twenty-minute sprint plus some copy editing.  I hope you enjoy.

3 a.m.

Kelly started awake, sitting up in her bed, heart pounding.  She looked around, wondering what had woken her up.  She jumped again when someone pounded on her apartment door.

Grabbing her robe from the chair beside the bed, she slid out from under the covers and pulled it on, shivering as she crossed the room in her bare feet.  It was winter and her electric baseboards just couldn’t keep up with how cold it got here.

She crept to the door, managing not to jump when someone pounded on it again.

She paused beside it, not sure if she should push the curtain aside to look out or just ignore them.

The pounding came again, a little quieter this time.

“Come on,” she heard a muffled voice say.  “You have to be home.”

Kelly reached up and pushed the curtain aside a little, keeping herself a bit back and to the side so she wouldn’t be clearly visible from outside. Continue reading

Image Prompt 046 Response – The Watcher


I picked the image of the tunnel for my sprint this time around.  I was writing this during a write-in and we were doing ten minute sprints, so I wrote this in two sections and decided to try out two narrators.  A quick copy edit later, and you have the below scene.  I hope you enjoy.

The Watcher:

Xavier stood at the end of the tunnel waiting for the last of the daylight to fade.  None of it could reach him as long as he stayed near the door.  Melinda had warned him not to walk very far.  Even indirect light could be harmful.  It had been years since he’d seen even this much sunlight in person.

As the sun set, the lights seemed to brighten in the tunnel, making it an almost cheerful place.  It wasn’t quite sunset yet when someone slipped into the tunnel from outside.  The figure wore a heavy coat with a voluminous hood, so Xavier could tell almost nothing about them as they slowly walked forward.

“Who’s there?” the hooded figure whispered when they noticed Xavier.

“A keeper of the watch,” Xavier replied.  That’s what Melinda had told him to say to anyone who came into the tunnel.  Those who answered appropriately were to be allowed inside.  Those who did not were to be run off if harmless or detained if a threat.

“It has been a long time since the watch was kept,” the hooded figure said.  The voice was still soft, it’s timber somewhere in the tenor range, which told Xavier precious little about who stood before him.

That wasn’t the answer Melinda had told him to accept, so Xavier tensed, ready to deal with this intruder as needed. Continue reading