The Importance of Being Me


A lot of things have changed in my life over the past few years.

A lot of it is small things, but there are some big ones too.  I changed jobs two years ago, which was an awesome move for me and I still love my (not so) new job, but it’s still a big change and adjustment.  I’ve moved again, which is a level of stressful above pretty much anything else I could ever do.  And lately, we’ve been working on setting the apartment up better with the furniture we actually need (I now own eleven bookcases, eight of them six feet or taller).  So a lot of things have been shifting and moving in my life.

This can make me reflective.

What I’ve been thinking about most recently, is the importance of being me. Continue reading


T is for Truth: Stranger than Fiction and Twice as Weird


If you stumbled upon me through the A to Z Blog Challenge, welcome.  If not, check out the challenge and all those participating at their site.


For today’s strange thing, I will be talking about truth.

Truth is strange in a number of different ways.  There’s the “truth is stranger than fiction” saying that is born out quite often.  There’s also the methods by which we define truth.  And then there’s the various ways that the truth is used and conceptualized.

We’ll start with the most fun one.  Truth is stranger than fiction. Continue reading