A to Z Blogging Challenge: The Theme Reveal 2017


I am once again taking on the amazing adventure of April blogging, the A to Z challenge.  I’ll be posting 26 blogs in 30 days themed around one concept and the letters of the alphabet.  You can learn more about the challenge here, follow them on twitter here, and check out the #atozchallenge hashtag on Twitter to keep up with what everyone’s posting in April.

Here is the 2017 Schedule:

Letter dates 2017

And here is this year’s pretty badge (which you’ll see magically appear in a corner of my blog ID photo in April).

A2Z-BADGE-150 [2017]

And now, without further ado, this is my theme for 2017:

One Word Writing Prompts

I will do 26 fiction posts each on a word beginning with a different letter of the alphabet.  I’ll start the post with the definition of the word (or words, since this is English after all) and then launch into the fiction piece that word inspired.

These will not be complete stories, merely scenes and ideas, but I am going to challenge myself to tie them together as much as possible either by continuing a theme or reusing a character or in some way connecting each piece to the next.  So in theory something from the A story will carry into the B story and something from the B story will carry into the C story and so on and so forth all the way to the Z story.

Follow along for the whole month to see if I can manage any kind of cohesive whole, or if it’s all just disjointed leaps and bounds to a new topic each post.

Never heard of the A to Z Challenge before?  What do you think?

Doing this crazy adventure with me?  What’s your theme for this year and where can I find you?

The A to Z Challenge: My Theme Reveal: Strange Things


Greetings one and all, and thanks for stopping by.

Last year, a fellow author and blogger friend recommended I try out this challenge to write 26 blogs themed on the letters of the alphabet to post in April (that’s every day except Sundays).

The fact that I had to write 26 blog posts in about a month was pretty intimidating.  (I was participating in Camp NaNoWriMo in April, so I had to have them all done before April 1 and only found out about the challenge in late February.)  But despite the difficulty, I went with a theme that I knew I had a lot to say about: writing.

This year, I’ve struggled more with my theme and post ideas, so I’m once again trying to get them all written in March so I can be done in time for Camp NaNoWriMo in April.  Progress has not been stellar, some of these might end up written in April, Camp or not Camp.

Regardless of all that, this year’s A to Z Challenge theme with be….

Drum roll please…

Strange Things

I’ll be ruminating on things that I find strange about myself, the world, or anything else that comes to mind.  This means there will be a lot of variety this month.  I’ll be writing about things I find strange about how we all behave.  I’ll be writing about things I find strange about writing.  I’ll be writing about things that get me labeled strange (and whether I find that in turn strange).

While this month may not focus entirely on writing, I’m sure it will crop up fairly often.  It is one of my passions and a wonderful source of strangeness in my life after all.

I hope you enjoy all the strange things in April.

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