Sewing Flannel Pants


For my holiday gifts this year for my family, I made everyone flannel pants.  It was fun to pick out just the right fabric and make sure I made the right size for everyone.  I know my mother and my sister will appreciate that they’ll be the right length for once.  It’s hard to find things in the perfect length when you’re petite.

I tried out a free patter from a blogger, which you can find here.  It was very simple to make, even with the added complication of pockets.  I was able to finish a pair in only a few hours once I was able to sit down and devote the time. Continue reading

Bear Sewing


Sewing is one of those little hobbies that started out with things like Halloween costumes and simple things like circle skirts, and over the years has evolved into something more complex.  A friend in my office found out I could sew, and that lead to a commission to sew some teddy bears for her grandchildren made out of material from flannel shirts that belonged to her late husband.  At some point I’m going to make a couple t-shirt quilts from his shirts for her and her two children too.

I enjoy sewing.  It’s orderly and patterned and a step-by-step process that I can do quite well as long as I’m patient and don’t rush.  I found a good guide for quilting generally and another for t-shirt quilts specifically, so I feel confident about that project once I get to it.

The pattern for the bears is also very simple.  It’s four pieces for the small ones I made for the grandchildren, and six pieces for the larger ones I made for her children.  I got the first one done in time for her to give it to her daughter for her birthday in May and the other ready for her son for Father’s Day.  The original three small ones were Christmas presents, and it really warmed my heart to hear how much the grandchildren like them and how touched her children were when they saw them.

Being able to share something I do that’s fun with someone who doesn’t have the skills and knowing that it’s spreading joy after that is really awesome.  I hope to have more chances to do this sort of thing in the future.

Here’s a few images of the various small and large bears in progress and complete so you can get an idea of what I’m walking about. Continue reading

Image Prompt 037 Response – Name Confusion


I selected the image of the statue near the Firth of Tay in Dundee, Scotland for my prompt this week.  I’ve done a twenty-minute sprint and a quick edit.  I hope you enjoy.


Name Confusion:

Bailey sat on the little step at the base of the sculpture by William Longair that looked out over the Tay.  He faced the water, taking comfort in the noise of people walking behind him.  It was a beautiful day, so there were plenty of people out walking beside the firth.  That’s why he’d picked the place.  It was outside and usually had a small crowd within shouting distance at the furthest.  He knew meeting someone he met online was a risky thing under any circumstances, but he was at least doing it in public where he should be safe and in reach of help if needed. Continue reading