Brain Candy Live! – Science, Laughter, and The Joy of Curiosity


This week I had the opportunity to see an amazing show called Brain Candy Live! Hosted by Michael Stevens (of Vsauce fame) and Adam Savage (of Myth Busters fame).  To quote the show’s own about page, “They’re bringing along their crazy toys, incredible tools and mind-blowing demonstrations for a celebration of curiosity that’s an interactive, hands-on, minds-on theatrical experience like no other.”

I’ve been excited about this show since the preview video came out, and we bought our tickets the same night.  I’ve always loved learning and find the layman accessible version of science that Michael and Adam are both known for to be fascinating.  The idea of combining these two personalities with more of their usual curiosity-building demonstrations and explanations, sounded like the best kind of entertainment.

And they did not disappoint. Continue reading


S is for Science Versus Religion: Why Do These Conflict Again?


If you stumbled upon me through the A to Z Blog Challenge, welcome.  If not, check out the challenge and all those participating at their site.


Today’s strange thing is the argument between science and religion.

You hear about it a lot when you live in the south.  Science is about facts and doesn’t believe in God.  And religion is about God and sometimes doesn’t believe in facts.

This is a gross generalization from either perspective.  What I find strange about the whole thing is why there’s an argument to begin with.  Why can’t science and religion coexist?  Do they really contradict each other? Continue reading