Image Prompt 025 Response – The Temple’s Magic Tree


I selected the moss-covered tree at Brookgreen Gardens image for my twenty-minute sprint this week.

The Temple’s Magic Tree:

Kyli crept along the wall slowly, her eyes sweeping the ground in front of her.  She didn’t want to step on a stick and make noise, or worse stumble and fall.  The moon was only a bare sliver in the sky, providing almost no illumination.  Thankfully Kyli could see well enough just by starlight to make her way down the wall toward the ancient trees.

If she made it that far, she’d be fine.  If the trees didn’t reject someone, the priests wouldn’t either.  She was technically doing the same ritual initiation that the temple apprentices did, she’ just didn’t exactly have permission. Continue reading


Image Prompt 023 Response – Magic


I chose the city across the water image for my 20 minute sprint this week.  I hope you enjoy


The light still played across the water as the sun set behind the city across the cove.

Kyran sat in the sand watching the waves slowly roll up and then back out again, taking a little of the beach away with them each time.

It had been six years since he’d been home.  Now that he was so close, he couldn’t seem to make himself finish the drive.  He’d pulled off at the little car park for the beach and wondered down to the shore, taking his shoes off to enjoy the feel of the damp sand against his feet.

When he left, his parents were still furious with him.  He’d rejected everything they were and everything they stood for.  He’d left everyone and everything behind without so much as a word.  How could he go back and face anyone again?

“I had feeling I might find you here,” a deep voice said from behind him. Continue reading