Holiday Adventures


I had every intention of doing a year in review post and looking back and how my habit tracking went, how much writing I’ve gotten accomplished, and what I have planned for the new year.  And then my holiday trip got a bit complicated, so the time to work on this post was devoted to other things.

My family lives about three hours away (in two directions, but we meet up at my sister’s place since my parents are only about an hour from her).  My partner’s family lives a little less than two hours further south from my sister’s.  So we visit both of them during the holiday season.  This year we also have a pair of friends getting married (tomorrow), so we had to be back home by Thursday night since my partner is the best man and thus has to be at the rehearsal today.

We had this all planned out.  One day of travel, two days at my sisters, one day of travel, two days at his parents, and then a day to travel home.  We were going to be relaxed and not stress the timing on travel days to make sure we didn’t exhaust ourselves.

And then our car wouldn’t start the day we were supposed to leave my sisters on Monday.  My brother-in-law changed our alternator and helped make sure we had a good battery.  Still wouldn’t start.  So we spent another night at my sister’s.  Thankfully she has extra guest rooms since brother-in-law’s parents had arrived that day. Continue reading

Happy Holidays: May Your Season Be Bright


Regardless what holidays you celebrate (or don’t) in December, I wanted to wish everyone a bright and happy holiday season.  It can be a stressful time of year with travel, family, and financial obligations.  In the currently tense US political climate it can be even more difficult than usual to get through the holidays without a family argument.  I hope you all manage to avoid such issues and enjoy your time together. Continue reading

The Meaning Behind My Holidays


The holidays are upon us, and I hope in the midst of all the retail pressure that comes with them you’ve found some time to reflect on what the holiday season is truly about (regardless of which one you celebrate).

I grew up in the Episcopal church, which is the same church both of my parents grew up in.  My father is agnostic, so he doesn’t join my mother, my sister, and me when we attend services or programs, but he would always come with mom to see us sing in the children’s choir at Christmas.  Christmas was also one of the few days he always had to spend with us.  When I was younger, he worked in food service and hotel management, so he was most often working on holidays, evenings, and weekends.  This made Christmas even more special to me, because it was a day I knew my dad would be there.

As I grew older, I learned more about what Christmas really meant, as well as more about other December holidays celebrated in my own country and around the world.  I also learned where many of our Christmas traditions came from. Continue reading

Happy Halloween!


Greetings! And Happy Halloween!

Halloween is by far my favorite holiday of the year. There may not be gifts, and I don’t get much in the way of free candy at my age, but it will always be my very favorite holiday.


Because on Halloween you can dress up as whatever you want to be, and act like that character, and no one will think less of you for it. It’s an entire day devoted to being someone or something else. A shy book worm can transform into a brash pirate or a sexy vampire, or maybe that mousy bookworm from their very favorite book. Continue reading