Image Prompt 033 Response: The Tree


I picked the tree in the Florida state park for my twenty-minute sprint this time.  I went in a little bit different direction than my usual.  I’d love to hear what you think.

The Tree:

The tree was alone now.

Before there had been others.  A forest of them together at the edge where the land met the water.

Time took away the sand and rock they clung to first, and then one by one, the other trees succumbed.  They were carried off by well-meaning creatures, or they drifted out on the waves.

The tree was alone now. Continue reading

Image Prompt 032 Response: Fairy Wall


I chose the North Carolina photo for my prompt this week.  I know I took this picture on a trip up to Chimney Rock, but I can’t tell you for sure where it is.

Fairy Wall:

Cary poked his head around the side of the building to see what was in the back.  The little half-shed that probably sheltered the water pump made sense.  The story-and-a-half high wall with the upside down arch made him stop and stare.

“Cary, don’t go too far,” his sister called.  She was supposed to be keeping up with him this week.  They were on a road trip through North Carolina with their aunt and two older cousins.  Cary, the youngest by three years, wasn’t as thrilled about this as everyone else.  He had to sit in the very back of the minivan with no leg room and not much air conditioning.

“I’m just going to look at the backyard,” Cary called back.  If she knew he was just behind the building she shouldn’t come looking for him. Continue reading

Image Prompt 006 Response: Exchange Student to Faery


I selected the image of the butterfly sculpture for my prompt this week. This is a slightly polished up version of my 20 minute sprint inspired by the image. I hope you enjoy it.


Exchange Student to Faery


I knew I was going somewhere like no place else ever.

It didn’t stop me from being completely floored when we stepped through the door and found ourselves not inside another room, but outside on a pathway paved with smooth stones walking toward a short, squat wooden building.

There was a butterfly perched on the edge of the roof.

I thought my eyes were playing tricks, or it was some weird perspective thing, but the closer we got, the more I realized that the butterfly was taller than I was. Bright blue translucent wings flapped slowly as it sat there on the edge of the roof. Its body was a full six feet long, the wings even longer.

“Don’t be alarmed,” my fae guide said as we continued toward the building. “The Winged Ones are completely harmless to humans.” Continue reading