Image Prompt Response 062 – First Sight of the Ocean


I chose the image of the light house on the coast of Ireland as my prompt today.  I’m borrowing characters from another image prompt I wrote a while back (#20).  I’ve continued playing around with that story and what happened next, but this is more just a little side moment with Ian and Ailill, the characters in that image prompt scene.

First Sight of the Ocean:

Ian watched the crowd moving around then, marveling at how effective Ailill’s magic was at hiding what he really looked like.  It probably helped that blue hair wasn’t as weird as it used to be.  Anyone could dye their hair blue these days.  But the wings disappearing was always a little weird.  Ian was so used to seeing them.  He wondered if they were really gone, or if Ailill was just hiding them from sight.

“Have you ever been here before?” Ailill asked, trying to lean to see around some of the people in front of them.

“Yeah, I had an engagement photo shoot here a few years ago,” Ian replied.  “I thought you might like the views.”  Ailill had told him recently that he’d never seen the ocean before.  This was a pretty nice spot to show what the coast was like.

“That’s sweet,” Ailill said, turning to smile up at Ian.

Ian smiled back.  He couldn’t help but smile when Ailill was smiling. Continue reading

Image Prompt 021 Response – Unexpected Trip


I picked the image of the ruins for my 20 minute sprint this time around.  I’m also using a character from my 2013 NaNoWriMo project (which I never finished).

Unexpected Trip

Brian stumbled as he walked forward.  He had no idea what he’d just done.

Looking around, he had a pretty good guess.  The Winter Queen had been furious about him stealing Gwen away from her court last week and had someone managed to draw Brian into Faery, but Brian wasn’t in Faery anymore.

This wasn’t like last week when he’d gone to Gwen and then brought them both back to her brother, this was something entirely different. Continue reading