I Really Wanted to Love These Shoes: Why Tieks Need Half Sizes


I want to start out by being very clear that a truly wanted to love these shoes and I still want to love these shoes.  I might even be able to have a few years getting them properly stretched out and worn in (yes, I said years and I mean that).  Also, for my regular readers, this is probably a one-time thing.  This blog is still about writing primarily.

I originally planned to not include the brand in the title because I wanted this review to be searchable, but not look like an attack on the brand.  But then I was wearing my Tieks this week and someone asked me about them, and they too are a half-size and have trouble finding great shoes.  I realized I want this to be easy information to find.  I don’t want to disparage Tieks, because if you wear a whole size and have a standard-size foot, these shoes are amazing (according to everything I found online and two people I know personally).  I just want to share with others my experience of trying to wear Tieks in a size 8 when I’m an 8.5-9 normally. Continue reading