Image Prompt 052 Response – Lunch Tray Sledding


I chose the image of a college students sledding on a lunch tray for my twenty-minute sprint this week.  I have fond memories of that evening, so I wrote about something similar for my scene today.

Lunch Tray Sledding:

“Come on, go for it,” Miles urged, handing the lunch tray to Emily.  They’d smuggled four of them out of the dining hall their first winter on campus.

“I’m not falling off,” Emily declared as she took the tray.  The snow had stopped falling finally, but there was plenty on the ground, and she didn’t want to end up with it soaking through her clothes like Randy and Hana.  Emily positioned the tray at the top of the hill and then stepped carefully onto it, crouching down and using one hand to push off.  She had waterproof gloves, so she left her hand down to act as a sort of rudder and keep her facing forward as she started down the hill.

Miles let out a yell behind her and Emily let out a whoop of her own as she picked up speed, barreling toward Randy and Hana at the bottom.  The two looked up, saw her, and scrambled out of the way, laughing the entire time. Continue reading

Image Prompt 024 Response: Roommates


I selected the image of the college dorm apartment for my twenty-minute sprint this time.


Delia sighed as she set her bags down beside the door and closed it behind her.  Getting to Black Ashe this semester had been a nightmare.  She’d gotten booted off her flight twice and spent almost 36 hours in airports before she could even get on a plane.  She was just glad it was over and she wouldn’t have to deal with any of it again until summer.

“Is that our last roomie?” a voice asked from down the hall.

“Yeah.  Hi,” Delia called back.

A head popped out of the first room with black hair streaked with bright pink.  She was smiling, which Delia hoped was a good sign.

“I’ll be out in a sec to help you find your way around,” the girl called before her head disappeared again.

Delia inspected the common area while she waited.  They were all here already, and she knew at least one of her roommates was another shifter, so she should really greet her properly before moving too far into the apartment. Continue reading

Image Prompt 017 Response – First Conversation


I chose the image of the fall maple tree in NC for my twenty minute sprint this time.

First Conversation:

Ashley settled under her favorite maple tree after her shift at the convenience store on campus.  She had some work to get done before meeting her roommate for dinner and it was a gorgeous day.  It was finally fall, the maple leaves turning a pretty orange on their way to vibrant red.

She started riffling through her backpack, looking for the book she needed.  She had sociology tomorrow and hadn’t quite finished all the reading.  Once she found the book, she zippered her bag back up and settled her back against the trunk of the maple tree.  Her roommate would pick her up on the way to the dining hall, so she didn’t have to worry about losing track of time.  Usually she had to set alarms to make sure she didn’t sit for hours and forget to go to class or her shift at work.

Soon Ashley was deep in her reading, the sidewalk beside her and even the maple tree she leaned against fading away as she focused on her work.

“Still finishing the reading?” someone asked.

Ashley looked up to find Ryan, one of her sociology classmates, standing over her with a smile. Continue reading