Image Prompt Response 082 – Unicorn Muse


I chose the image of Beau, my ML mascot rainbow-maned unicorn boy for my twenty-minute sprint this time.

Title: Unicorn Muse

Beau waited patiently for the lights to be turned off and the humans to go to sleep for the night.

He’d chosen a potentially dangerous path when he’d selected his form for the human world.  Everyone had told him that the type of toy he was inhabiting was typically bought by small children and subject to all kinds of abuse, but he’d believed in the vision his mother had before he was selected to journey to the mortal world to inspire humans.  She’d seen his final form as a Muse, so he’d selected the nearest thing he could.

He’d materialized on the shelf of a store in his tiny plush body with little or no ability to move on its own, even if it had locomotion.  The “legs” it had been given weren’t even big enough to qualify as feet compared to the rest of the plush body.  That was the advantage of magic and selecting a form that was incredibly light.  He’d explored the store after it closed and decided to settle on the very top shelf of the display of plush toys that looked like him.  It had proved a strategic decision.

The next day, before the store even opened, one of the employees selected him and two others just like him and purchased them.  He spent the remainder of the day sequestered in a bag, but then she took him home.  He could tell as soon as they were in her space that she was a very creative sort.  It permeated her little dwelling.

It was a few days later when he and the others were taken with her somewhere.  One of the inanimate plush with no spirit riding within was given to a lovely woman who was incredibly excited.  A few days later, he was presented to a different woman.  She was just as excited as the first one.

He’d been with this woman for a few weeks now.  She was just as creative as the original, but in a different way.  And today, she’d made alterations that he was fairly sure put him in the form his mother had seen.  He had to wait for her to go to sleep, and then for the man she lived with to go to sleep as well.  When only the cat was still awake, Beau carefully flew to the bathroom, locking the cat on the other side and turning on the light.

He had a rainbow.  Tail and main had both been adorned with carefully tied colorful threads, enhancing the original pink.  Beau approved.

Over the next few weeks, he began to understand the extent to which the woman he’d been given to would help spread and enhance his influence, much as she’d enhanced his mane and tail.  Once a week she gathered with other writers to talk and share ideas.  Almost a month after she’d enhanced his own colorful hair, she did the same for her own, returning home with six colors of the rainbow.  That was the week the larger gatherings began.

Beau was taken along to a large party, and then more and more gatherings of writers.  He didn’t always understand human speech properly in his tiny plush form, but he learned there was a large writing event that happened once a year, and the woman he’d been gifted to organized gatherings for others, along with the original woman and the other she’d gifted a plush unicorn.

His choice of form had led him to a ringleader of a local creative writing community.  He’d already learned that she dabbled in sewing and other small crafts, and many of the writers she met with drew or crafted in some other way as well.  The original woman who’d purchased him even painted.

At every gathering, his new owner would bring him out of his special place nestled in her bag and display him for all to see, sometimes alongside a sign or tucked near her laptop on the little stand she used.  He helped others finder her, and he brought smiles to their faces, and when she called out “Ready!  Set!  Sprint!” he let his power wash out over them as they typed furiously.

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