Image Prompt 063 – Finally Together


I chose the image of the Cornwall coast for my twenty-minute sprint this week.  I’m returning to Kyran and Neal, who I created for Image Prompt 23, just to explore that snippet a bit further.  I’ve been reading back through some of my old Image Prompt responses lately and finding interesting kernels to continue exploring.

Finally Together:

Kyran stood beside his car, looking down at the beach below.  It was still fairly cool, so there were only a few people down at the beach today.  No one he knew.  No one that would know him.  He hoped none of them would know Neal either.

“I hope you haven’t been here all night,” Neal said as he walked up beside Kyran.

“No,” Kyran replied.  “I left to find a place to sleep.”  Neal didn’t need to know what meant a place to park his car where it wouldn’t be seen and he could sleep in the back seat.

“Good,” Neal said.  “I didn’t bring my car,” he added.  “It doesn’t make sense to have two if we’re going to be strapped for cash.”

“Mine will stay in better condition longer,” Kyran said.  “And takes less gas now,” he added.  He’d been rather proud of that little magical modification.

“Oh?” Neal asked, glancing at the old beat up looking sedan.  “What’d you do to it?  I remember it being an unreliable hunk of junk.”

Kyran laughed.  It really had been.  “Magic,” Kyran said, grinning full out.  “Let’s just say it’s a bit more efficient and the parts won’t wear out as fast.”

“One day, I’m going to want the long version of that explanation,” Neal said.  “I signed my car over to my sister.  She’s the only one who knows what’s really going on.  My parents think I’m leaving for a job.”

“Are you likely to be able to find one in Glasgow?” Kyran asked.  He didn’t want this to be a complete uprooting for Neal like it had been for him.  Neal’s sister had always been pretty cool, and his parents had been accepting, both of Kyran generally, and of Neal coming out.  Something Kyran hadn’t actually ever official done, at least not in town.

“I’ll find something,” Neal said.  “You know me.  Besides, I don’t need much.”  He shifted his shoulder, drawing attention to the fact that he had a backpack on a sports bag, but that was it.

“That’s all your bringing?” Kyran asked.

“I was never much for a lot of clothes,” Neal said.  “And material things just aren’t that important.  Never have been.  I’ve got the most important thing back now, so I don’t need much else.”

Kyran just stared at Neal.  The most important thing?

“I’m ready to head out whenever you are,” Neal said.

“Yeah,” Kyran replied, moving to open the boot for Neal’s bags and then unlock the doors.  There was no need to hang around.  Neal was all he’d come back for.

Neal put his bags in the back and then got into the passenger side.

Kyran started the car.  It purred softly, in a mostly mechanical way.  He’d tried really hard to make sure the noise didn’t change, but he’d only been able to do so much.

Neal didn’t say anything as Kyran got them moving and back out to the main road out of town.

“Have you been sleeping in the car?” Neal asked softly.

“Some,” Kyran confessed.  He had almost no money, very little job prospects in the normal way, and no reputation in Glasgow yet as a magic user.  It would take time to get work, or at least that’s what everyone had told him.

“I’ve got some savings,” Neal said.  “And my sister offered to loan us a bit if we needed it to get established.”

“She was always really nice to me,” Kyran said.

“She knows how important you are to me,” Neal replied.  “Unless prices have changed a lot in the last couple years, I have enough to get us an apartment, cover the first couple months’ rent.  I should be able to find some kind of work pretty quickly, even if it’s just part-time or temp work.”

“I don’t want you to have to spend all your savings,” Kyran said.  It didn’t seem fair.

“I had six years to save,” Neal said.  “Sounds like you had six years of absolutely nothing in the earnings department.”

“Yeah, there was no money earning option,” Kyran confirmed.  He’d had to earn his food and shelter.

“So don’t worry about it.  We’re in this together,” Neal said.  “I’ll get us started, and as soon as you’re able, you’ll pitch in for your half.”

“I…” Kyran started, the words sticking in his through.  “Thanks,” he finally managed.  “You’re more than I deserve,” he added softly.  That Neal had searched for him, was still willing to leave home for him.  That was far more than he deserved after how he left.

“Possibly,” Neal said, grinning when Kyran glanced over.  “But I deserve you, so it works out,” he added, his hand resting on Kyran’s knee.

Kyran sucked in a breath, the touch warm and welcome.  He tried not to read into it.  He and Neal had never fooled around, never even talked about whether they were attracted to each other.  They’d been best friends forever though.  Physical contact was just so normal between them.

“And this time,” Neal said, his voice soft as he leaned closer to Kyran.  “I get to have all of you, right?”

“What?” Kyran asked, his hands actually jerking on the wheel.

“Easy,” Neal said, reaching out to help steady the steering so they stayed in one lane.  “Why don’t you pull over for a minute,” he added.  “I didn’t think this would distract you from the road that much.”

Kyran slowed down and eased the car onto the shoulder, his hands still on the wheel when they came to a full stop.

Neal actually reached over and put the car in park, pulling the emergency brake too.

Kyran turned to look at Neal.

“I get all of you,” Neal said again, staring Kyran right in the eyes.  “No more hiding from me,” he added before leaning forward and kissing Kyran.

Kyran whimpered softly, his whole body getting hot as Neal kissed him for the very first time.

Neal cupped one hand against Kyran’s cheek and deepened the kiss, thoroughly exploring Kyran’s mouth before he pulled away again.

“You never could lie to me,” Neal whispered.  “I don’t know why you thought I didn’t know.”

“I don’t even think I knew for a while,” Kyran said in his own defense.

“Well, now we both know,” Neal said.  “And you’re mine.”

“Yeah,” Kyran agreed, nodding as he managed to let go of the steering wheel finally.  He leaned in and hugged Neal.  He’d probably wanted to be Neal’s since the beginning, but he’d only realized it in high school.  And then he’d been whisked out of the world to learn magic.  But now they could finally be together.

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