Sewing Flannel Pants


For my holiday gifts this year for my family, I made everyone flannel pants.  It was fun to pick out just the right fabric and make sure I made the right size for everyone.  I know my mother and my sister will appreciate that they’ll be the right length for once.  It’s hard to find things in the perfect length when you’re petite.

I tried out a free patter from a blogger, which you can find here.  It was very simple to make, even with the added complication of pockets.  I was able to finish a pair in only a few hours once I was able to sit down and devote the time.

I did make one mistake, which is sort of in keeping with home-made gifts from me to my family.  Every since we first got Print Shop and started making our own homemade cards, I’ve almost never managed to give my parents one without a spelling error.  This was accidental at first (as spell check wasn’t a thing in Print Shop), but has since become a family joke, so I always include one on purpose now.  So this year’s goof for the holiday was that I forgot to cut out the one-way fabric correctly for my dad’s Steelers pants.  So one leg has the word going in one direction and the other leg has them in the opposite direction.  Oh well, it was too late to fix it once I cut everything out.

Full disclosure, the only pair that was finished in time for Christmas was my niece’s pair.  I finished the other three over the past two weeks.  I have material cut out to make two pairs for me, and then after that I’m going to make a few pairs for my partner.  I may remake the pattern for his so I can do side seams and easier pickets, but we’ll see.  If I do make a new pattern, I’ll probably post that here.

Here are a few pictures of my creations.

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