Holiday Adventures


I had every intention of doing a year in review post and looking back and how my habit tracking went, how much writing I’ve gotten accomplished, and what I have planned for the new year.  And then my holiday trip got a bit complicated, so the time to work on this post was devoted to other things.

My family lives about three hours away (in two directions, but we meet up at my sister’s place since my parents are only about an hour from her).  My partner’s family lives a little less than two hours further south from my sister’s.  So we visit both of them during the holiday season.  This year we also have a pair of friends getting married (tomorrow), so we had to be back home by Thursday night since my partner is the best man and thus has to be at the rehearsal today.

We had this all planned out.  One day of travel, two days at my sisters, one day of travel, two days at his parents, and then a day to travel home.  We were going to be relaxed and not stress the timing on travel days to make sure we didn’t exhaust ourselves.

And then our car wouldn’t start the day we were supposed to leave my sisters on Monday.  My brother-in-law changed our alternator and helped make sure we had a good battery.  Still wouldn’t start.  So we spent another night at my sister’s.  Thankfully she has extra guest rooms since brother-in-law’s parents had arrived that day.

The next day my partner’s parents drove up to get us and we had our car towed to their mechanic eighty-four miles south.  Thankfully we have the free 100 miles of towing package with AAA.  We had Christmas with them and then went for Christmas dinner at his aunt and uncles to see one grandmother and stopped to see the other on the way home.  We tried to relax and not worry about the car with some success.

The starter was bad on the car, which had likely fried both the battery and the alternator, so at least the work my BIL did saved us some money on repairs.  We got the car back and everything loaded into it at about 4:30pm.  We had a five-hour trip to get home, plus stopping at my sister’s on the way past to pick up the larger Christmas presents we hadn’t wanted to haul back and forth with us.

We made it home Thursday as planned, but considerably later in the day than originally anticipated.  This was thanks in large part to all our family who helped out and made sure we could get where we needed to be and had the funds for all the repairs and I couldn’t be more grateful to all of them.

I hope your holidays were as filled with family and love and support, and much less with car trouble and travel delays.  Here’s to families and getting to spend quality time with them at the holidays.  I’ll see you all in the new year.

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