NaNoWriMo 2019: An Experiment in Planning


So I’ve had my NaNo idea for about three weeks now.  Which is three to four weeks earlier than usual.  I’m happy with the progress I’ve made so far and I’m starting to get to know my characters a little writing some pre-novel scenes that were important in their lives.  I used all the resources from the plot and character workshop our amazing former ML did for the region and I feel pretty confident about the plot idea (well except a bit of the nebulous middle, but who is really confident about that?) and I’m excited to get started.

And I’m a little terrified.  The last time I tried to draft a novel from scratch with an outline and a clearly defined ending, I ended up completely blocked and unable to write the story.  I’m trying so hard to have a growth mindset about the whole thing and believe that I can do this.  I rewrote the entirety of book two from a pretty strict outline and it turned out amazing (especially compared to draft zero!).  I’ve written to an outline successfully.  I can do this.  (If I keep repeating that, I have faith I will make it true.)

In other news, the new website and forums are pretty and are eventually going to be truly amazing, but right now there are a few glitches, and I’m still learning how it all works.  That’s adding to the ML stress this year, which is never helpful for the writing side of things.  We’re an ML team though, so I’m not entirely alone, and our usual group of volunteers has been officialized and given a title (Warrior Minion) and they’ve really stepped up to be an amazing help for us this year organizing a ton of write-ins, helping us with support for our big events, and generally being awesome and helpful.  I’m pretty sure they are going to be a big reason why I survive November this year.

I’m carving out a little time tonight to make some cheesecake for the kickoff party.  Thank goodness I finished my Halloween costume super early this year (September!) so that I don’t need to be madly rushing to put that together.  I even finished the last laser cutting session to make my coMLs their very own fancy logoed Box of Doom sticks yesterday.  It’s going to have been a very productive week overall.

We have the details finalized for almost all of our events across November and it’s just a matter of getting them posted to the calendar and the website.  I’m not actually behind in a way that anyone but me would be aware of.  Everything is going to be fine.

And it is.  It’s going to be amazing.  I’m going to have a great time at the Kickoff Party tomorrow.  I’m going to have a great midnight kickoff write-in.  And a few more on Friday and Saturday.  And then I’ll get to say hi to everyone at my Sunday write-in before flying out for my trip (you can look forward to pictures from that on November 22).  And then the rest of Nano is going to be awesome and I’m going to have a blast writing this story.

It’s going to happen.  It just is.  😎

How is everyone else doing with their NaNo Prep?  We’re only a few days away now.  Are you excited?  Nervous?  Impatient to get started?  Whatever you are, good luck on Friday as we get started on this amazing adventure together!

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