Image Prompt 053 Response – Mountain Wedding


I chose the image of the buffet at a wedding at South Mountain for my twenty-minute sprint this week.

Mountain Wedding:

Kelly made sure all the food had been unloaded from the car and everything was properly laid out for after the ceremony.  She was glad her mother had finally stopped trying to talk Kyle and Anna into a big wedding.  Her twin brother was painfully shy and his fiancé was sweet and bubbly and wanted this day to be as wonderful for Kyle as it was for her.  They’d planned a string of small parties with family and friends over the next few months to celebrate with everyone Anna wanted to without overwhelming Kyle.  This was the official ceremony and was limited to family, the best man, and the matron of honor.

It had been a beautiful ceremony.  Short and sweet and just what Kelly would have expected from Anna.  Kyle looked so happy.  He was even putting up with the photographer reasonably well.  Kelly was making sure that everything was ready for the tiny reception as soon as Anna and Kyle got back from taking pictures down by the creek.

“Thank you for all the work you’re doing,” Jacob, Kyle’s best man, said as he joined Kelly at the tables.  “Anything I can do to help?”

“I think we’re good,” Kelly said.

“It means a lot to Kyle that you took up for him with your mom,” Jacob said softly.

“I know,” Kelly said, smiling at him.  She didn’t know Jacob very well because he was Kyle’s friend from grad school and Kelly hadn’t been able to get much time off to visit over the past three years.

“It’s nice to see siblings that care that much,” Jacob said.

Kelly just shrugged.  She and Kyle had been best friends their whole lives.  The only reason she wasn’t standing up with him at the wedding was because he wanted to invite Jacob without it being weird that no other friends could come.  They’d always been close and they always would be, even with Kyle married.  Kelly loved Anna and Kyle assured her that Anna loved her back.

“Kyle said you’re a graphic artist,” Jacob said.

“I am.”

“I know that can mean a lot of different things.  What do you do with it?”

Kelly smiled.  So many people assumed they knew what she did.  “At work I create brochures and fliers for products and events the company is promoting.  For me, I do custom digital artwork for people and experiment with projects of my own.”

“Neat.  What’s your favorite kind of thing to do custom art for?”

“I love nature related work.  Realistic or stylized.  And it can be fun to work on anthropomorphic animals, especially for certain crowds.  They really appreciate what I do.”

“Is it a certain fandom?  Or just a group you know?” Jacob asked.

“The furry community,” Kelly said softy, watching Jacob’s face.  This was usually when people got weirded out.

“Oh, cool.  I’ve heard they have a lot of really great community,” Jacob said.  “I go to some conventions that overlap a little with the furry crowd, so I know a few people.”

Kelly smiled again.  He was breezing through all the places people usually stumbled.  “They are pretty amazing,” she said.  Her brother had found a really great guy to be his other best friend.  “They’ve sort of adopted me even though I’m not into it the same way they are.”

“My friends said that’s one of the things they like about the community.  They take care of their own, and then welcome in anyone who is as accepting as they are.”

“Yeah, that sounds about right,” Kelly agreed.

Anna and Kyle came back, then so the conversation died away.  Kelly kept an eye on things, making sure that Kyle and Anna actually ate something.  She talked with Anna’s best friend Jenny and Anna’s sister Lily.  She exchanged numbers with them and then Lily took her to do the same with her parents.  Kelly was glad that Anna’s family was so eager to get to know her and welcome her into the family along with Kyle.

By the time the food was mostly gone and they were ready to pack up, Kelly was feeling tired but proud.  Her brother was married to the love of his life and the day had gone off wonderfully.  There had been a few hitches but nothing major.  Anna’s parents thanked everyone for coming, and they all clapped and hollered as Kyle and Anna headed for the parking lot.

Everyone pitched in to help clean up and get everything back to the cars, so it didn’t take long.  They got everything into Kelly’s parents’ care but then realized it left no room for Kelly.

“I can drive you back,” Jacob offered.

“Thanks,” Kelly said.  He really was a great guy from what she’d seen today.  It would be nice to have more time to get to know him.  If she was lucky, she could be friends with him too.

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