Image Prompt 052 Response – Lunch Tray Sledding


I chose the image of a college students sledding on a lunch tray for my twenty-minute sprint this week.  I have fond memories of that evening, so I wrote about something similar for my scene today.

Lunch Tray Sledding:

“Come on, go for it,” Miles urged, handing the lunch tray to Emily.  They’d smuggled four of them out of the dining hall their first winter on campus.

“I’m not falling off,” Emily declared as she took the tray.  The snow had stopped falling finally, but there was plenty on the ground, and she didn’t want to end up with it soaking through her clothes like Randy and Hana.  Emily positioned the tray at the top of the hill and then stepped carefully onto it, crouching down and using one hand to push off.  She had waterproof gloves, so she left her hand down to act as a sort of rudder and keep her facing forward as she started down the hill.

Miles let out a yell behind her and Emily let out a whoop of her own as she picked up speed, barreling toward Randy and Hana at the bottom.  The two looked up, saw her, and scrambled out of the way, laughing the entire time.

The lunch tray came to a stop at the bottom of the hill and Emily stood up, arms in the air.  “Victory!” she shouted.  She was the first one to make it down the hill still on the tray.  Everyone else had whipped out or fallen off half way.

“Incoming!” Miles yelled as he launched himself down the hill face first with the tray under his chest.

Emily laughed as she grabbed her tray and dodged out of the way, joining Randy and Hana off to the side so they could start back up to the top.

Miles turned as he went down, ending up sideways by the time he reached the bottom.  He also lost the lunch tray at some point, coming to a stop at the bottom on the hill on just his jacket.  He was laughing the whole time.

Emily smiled.  She loved how much fun they all had together.

“Speed record,” Jenn calls, making a running start before jumping, her feet landing on a tray.  She zipped down the hill, somehow managing to stay on her feet.

Emily laughed.  Jenn was such a daredevil.  It helped that even if she took a tumble she wouldn’t be hurt enough to still feel it in the morning.  Emily planned to avoid any bruises tonight.

They spent another thirty minutes taking turns going down the hill.  Emily could barely feel her fingers by the time Randy declared it was time to head for the student union.  They stopped at Miles’ dorm so he could run the trays up to his room.

“Nobody got too cold?” Jenn asked as she held the door to the union open for everyone.

“Nothing a hot chocolate won’t fix,” Emily said.  “We can’t all be superhumanly warm like you.

Jenn smiled and laughed.  “No but I’d make sure you got the warmth you needed if it were ever a problem.”

“I know,” Emily replied.  Jenn was amazing.  She and Hana really looked out for all of them, making sure they were safe and well taken care of.

“Hot chocolates all around,” Randy said, heading for the little convenience store in the union.  It had one of those steamer/latter/hot chocolate machines that turned powder and hot water into steamed milk beverages.  They were pretty good, especially when you were half frozen.

They all filed through the store, grabbing cups and filling them before paying and heading right back out.  They took over one of the many corners with couches and cushions and started shedding outerwear.

“That was great,” Jenn said.  “Does this mean we’re studying tomorrow?”  It was Friday night and they’d all decided to skip their usual study group activities in favor of sledding.

“Or we could just gather our stuff after we’ve thawed out and head to Hana’s for a few hours tonight,” Emily suggested.

“I could go for that,” Randy said.  “Get things out of the way and then sleep in tomorrow.”

“Sounds good,” Miles said.  “We’re all on the way to Hana’s.”

“We are such nerds,” Hana said, laughing.

“Absolutely,” Jenn said, raising her hot chocolate in a toast.  “To being incorrigible nerds who will study no matter what anyone says.”

Emily laughed.  Hearing it from Jenn, with her neon pink and black hair just made it so much funnier.

They all raised their glasses with a happy “cheers” before taking careful sips.  No one wanted a burnt tongue.

“So what else are we getting up to this weekend?” Randy asked.

“I have zero plans,” Jenn said.  “But I do probably need to finish my paper draft before Sunday study group.”

“Definitely complete nerds,” Miles said.  “That’s my plan too.”

They all laughed again.  It was great to have likeminded friends who were as dedicated to school as she was.  Emily loved them all dearly.

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