Camp NaNoWriMo Success


April was a very successful writing month.  My goal for Camp NaNoWriMo was 30 minutes a day of work on some writing project, whether it was new words, editing, rewriting, or planning and world building.  I ended up doing a little bit of everything too.  A secondary goal was to at least do five minutes of work every single day, and I accomplished both goals.  My final count for the month was 1415, 515 above my 900-minute goal, and I didn’t miss a single day.

I worked on a variety of projects.  I did a little bit of drafting new ideas, worked on the edits for book two, and came back to some older fanfic stories to try to finish them off.  I decided to repost some of my fanfic since the original site it was posted to went down a couple years ago.  I think it will be good for my emotional wellbeing to see the reviews that come in, or even just see the view counts going up over time.  Writing is primarily about its value to me personally, but sharing it with others and seeing them enjoy my work is a very close second.

I’m proud of myself for keeping to my goals, even on days when it was hard to force that five minutes of work into my schedule or make my brain do it.  I think it’s been a productive month as well.  Instead of waiting to feel ready to write, I’ve just been doing it.  If one project wasn’t working, I moved on to another one, and most of the time I was able to move forward again on the original project when I came back to it.

I’m going to try to keep my streak going (I’m at 35 days now) for May and the rest of the summer if I can manage it.  My Habit Tracking goal requires 20 minutes of work, but I’d like to keep the consistency going even if I’m only getting 5 minutes in.

I’d been so focused on getting book two revised during the first few months of the year that I’d lost sight of the fun parts of writing, like drafting and fanfic, and I think I need to find a balance between the three.  And I definitely need to be reading more.  Reading always helps increase my creative energy and output.  April’s Camp NaNoWriMo session helped me get back to my roots as it were, and hopefully that will help me move into the summer with a better work ethic and more energy to dedicate to my writing.


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