Count Down to NaNoWriMo


There’s only six more days before November 1st and the start of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo).  I’m beyond excited at this point.  November is my favorite month of the year because of all the fun I have during the yearly writing challenge.

This year is going to be a bit more challenging for me.  Usually, getting my 50,000 words written is pretty easy.  I am blessed with some built in times for writing, like my 30+ minute bus commute to and from work, and my lunch hours at the office, and I type over 90 words a minute when the ideas are flowing.  This year I’m also taking a statistics class for some professional development.  Class time counts toward my work hours (because my supervisor is awesome) but that still means I have to make time for keeping up with readings, homework, and studying throughout the month.  I didn’t start doing NaNoWriMo until after I finished graduate school, so I’ve never had to balance classes and writing during November.  I expect I will have even more admiration and respect for students who complete the challenge by the end of next month.

That said, I’m going into the month with my usual dedication to writing 50,000 words on my own project and being there to support and cheer on others in my region.  I’ve stocked up on quick and simple meals that I can easily eat while writing (yes, that means a lot of sandwiches for lunches).  I’ve gotten ahead on my school work as much as feasible so that I have a little bit of a buffer there as well.  I’ve scheduled everything I can to be before or after November in the rest of my life, and I’ve reminded my family that I don’t travel at Thanksgiving anymore.  I’ve restocked my supply of prompts and challenges for write-ins, and gotten all of my write-ins scheduled for the month as well.

As far as actually planning for what I’m writing in November, I’m much less prepared.  This is business as usual.  I’m still trying to decide on which idea I’m going to be working on, and there’s less than a week left to plan and brainstorm in advance.

I’m thinking about working on a story that’s set in the world of my Swords & Shields series, but I haven’t decided which characters I want to follow or what kind of story I want to tell.  I still haven’t written a proper vampire story, and I’ve been playing around with the rules for dragons and some character ideas for those, and I want to write a story more focused on the witches as well, but can’t seem to decide between all my options.  There are too many fun ideas to explore.

I’m also toying with the idea of something completely different and removed from reality like a new science fiction novel or an epic historically set fantasy.  I could use a little escape from reality right now for a variety of reasons, so maybe writing something completely removed from the everyday world would be helpful.

At the moment, I’m still completely undecided.  We’ll see if something catches my attention this week or if I’m still hemming and hawing on Halloween.


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