Image Prompt 041 Response – Light in the Storm


I’m going to be playing with character’s we’ve seen before this time.  I developed them for one of my April A to Z challenges and have written a couple of image response scenes with them as well.  I used the winter stairs for my twenty-minute sprint, and after a quick copy edit this is the result.  I hope you enjoy.

Light in the Storm:

Avery woke up feeling cold.  That wasn’t usually a problem these days, but Ry wasn’t on the other side of the bed like usual.  Avery sat up to find Avery standing at the window with a blanket wrapped around his shoulders.  He glanced at the clock.

“Why are we awake at dawn?” Avery asked.

Ry shrugged, his eyes never leaving the window.  He’d opened the curtains and the blinds, which explained what woke Avery up.  Any amount of light signaled to his body that it was time to be awake.

Avery slipped out of their bed and padded across the room to stand with Ry.

Ry opened the blanket without a word and Avery snuggled in against Ry’s side.  The blanket carried Ry’s warmth as Ry wrapped it around Avery’s shoulders.

“It’s beautiful,” Avery said as he gazed out the window.

It had snowed the day before and the stairs going up the hill behind their apartment building were barely visible under all the fluffy white.  The sun was rising between the trees, tinting everything with a soft golden glow.  It was peaceful and Avery could understand why Ry was just staring.

“Every time I see snow I think of him now,” Ry said.

“Him?” Avery asked.  Ry had a habit of forgetting that Avery couldn’t read his mind to know which person he was thinking about.

“Uriel,” Ry said.  “It was always snowing when I saw him that first visit.”

“I’m glad he was there when we needed him.”

“When you needed him,” Ry corrected.

“It’s really the same thing now,” Avery replied.  They’d been together for five years.  Ry had followed him back to America.

“That last time it definitely was,” Ry said with a soft breath of laughter.

“Yeah, Rosario needed to hear what he had to say,” Avery agreed.  He’d always known that Rosario was protective.  He just hadn’t realized just how protective until he met Ry.  It showed how much Rosario cared, and how much he wanted Avery to be well and happy, but it had rankled a bit in the moment when Rosario had accused Ry of taking advantage.  Avery knew it was much more the other way around.

“I still don’t understand what Uriel meant.”

“You’re the light I need in a storm,” Avery said softly.  Uriel had spoken the words softly, almost going unheard by anyone as Avery and Rosario argued.  Avery almost cried in relief when Rosario stopped and looked at Uriel.

“I’m not good with metaphors,” Ry said.

Avery cuddled in closer, wrapping his arms firmly around Ry’s waist.  Ry really wasn’t any good with metaphors.  He could be so very literal.

“You’ve never asked before,” Avery said.

“It didn’t seem important,” Ry replied.  “It made Rosario back down and accept that you loved me.  That’s all that mattered in that moment.”

“And now?” Avery asked.

“All the snow is making me think of Uriel, of everything he did to help us when I first met him, and how little he really knows me.”

“He knows you better than you think,” Avery replied.  “He has access to a lot more information than the average person.”

“I’m still not sure I believe that part,” Ry admitted.

“Whether you believe it or not, Uriel is what he is.  He can see the faith in you, even if it isn’t a religious kind of faith.”

“So what did he mean about me being your light?” Ry asked.

“It could mean a lot of different things, or all of them at once,” Avery replied.  “I think about it like this.  You’re my touchstone, what I always come back to, and what helps guide me every day to be the man I should be.  Whenever there’s trouble, you’ll always be what I’m fighting for or fighting to get back to, so in any trouble that comes up (that would be the storm) you’re like a lighthouse in the dark, warning me away from rocks, and also the light of the sun shining outside the storm.”

“Metaphors are complicated,” Ry mumbled.

Avery glanced up to find Ry blushing.

“I love you,” Avery said.  It was adorable how bashful Ry could get when Avery said how important he was.

“I love you too,” Ry replied kissing Avery’s hair.  “And I always will.”


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