Where I’m From 2018 Edition


Every year since I started the blog, I’ve done a new version of the below poem.  It comes from a template I found, and you can read my original post explaining it here.  You can also fine the past versions of the poem for 2017, 2016, and 2015.

Happy New Year to all of you, I hope you enjoy my poem.

Where I’m From: 2018 Edition

I am from college rule spiral notebooks, from Post-It Notes and Gelly Roll pens.

I am from the cluttered, nerdy, purr-filled apartment.

I am from the philodendron, the Christmas cactus.

I am from too much food at holidays and fluffy fly-away hair, from Catherine and Cameron and Carol.

I am from talking with your hands and getting loud when excited.

From watch where you’re going and don’t talk with your mouth full.

I am from wooden crosses and candles.  Nature, labyrinths, thuribles, and simple wooden buildings.

I’m from Monroeville and Scotland, pumpkin rolls and scotcheroos.

From the crib mattress on the floor and laying there crying because it never occurred to me to get up and find my parents, the bemusement of my mother, and the crib escape tendencies of my sister.

I am from magazine holders, hard drives, and university archives.  Historical records of town foundings, fondly remembered outings, goofy Halloween costumes, and cherished memories of first dates and weddings.

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