NaNoWriMo Day Twenty-Four


It’s been a rollercoaster of a week since I last posted here.  Let’s start with the high note, which was the NaNoRDU Day of Writing Everywhere (#DOWE).  This was an event that involved nine write-ins hosted between 8am and midnight (some of them concurrent), sprints running that entire time in our chatroom, a massively ridiculous (and likely very inefficient) spreadsheet for tracking how much everyone was writing and when, two capes for sprint winners to take pictures with, a lot of really yummy food, and a TON of words getting written.

The 40 people that participated this year wrote a collective 215,192 words for an average of 5,379.8 words per person.  Not too shabby.  They all have a collective NaNo experience of 197 years, giving us an average of 4.925 years participated.  It was 17+ hours of writing and sprints and meals and more writing for me, but it was awesome and fun and amazing and I wrote over 7k and had a great time.

I was a bit out of it at my write-in the next day, but everyone was understanding as all of them had been with us for part of the day before.  Then I went home and realized I might be getting sick.  I laid down at six and was asleep by eight.  I felt better after my long sleep and went to work, but was regretting it by about 3pm.  It was a bit of a struggle to get through Tuesday and Wednesday, but I still wasn’t quite sick and persevered, though my word counts were pretty low for those days.

Thankfully, I was back to 100% for Thursday.  We held our traditional Thanksgiving Write-In at a local Starbucks.  I walked there because a local Turkey Trot fun run closes the street I live off, but it was pretty hilarious watching everyone running past in roasted turkey hats, tutus and turkey hats with full feathered tails, and all the other ridiculousness.  The Starbucks apparently has heating issues because it was freezing and even the staff was wearing their coats and hats.  But we all bundled back into our coats and put on our fingerless gloves and kept writing anyway.  All but one WriMo in attendance hit their 1,667 words for the day while we were there.  It was great getting to see all my writer folks on the holiday.

After that is was back home for a little time with my husband.  We do our Thanksgiving with a combination of ordered from the grocery store and made out of a box, but it was still delicious and wonderful.  Stovetop will always be my favorite stuffing anyway.  I managed to get a few more words in that evening as well, so over all a pretty good day.

It was a strange week, but writing still happened so here are my stats:

Words per day average: 3,708

Highest daily word count is still November 16 with 7,538

Total words at the end of Thursday: 85,296

Write on, fellow WriMos!

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