Image Prompt 033 Response: The Tree


I picked the tree in the Florida state park for my twenty-minute sprint this time.  I went in a little bit different direction than my usual.  I’d love to hear what you think.

The Tree:

The tree was alone now.

Before there had been others.  A forest of them together at the edge where the land met the water.

Time took away the sand and rock they clung to first, and then one by one, the other trees succumbed.  They were carried off by well-meaning creatures, or they drifted out on the waves.

The tree was alone now.

The boulder it clung to was ancient.  The tree grew its roots down around it, hoping to shield it in some small way from the ravages of time and waves.  The tree knew this was a futile effort, but it had to try.  Perhaps its efforts would extend the boulders life by a few seasons.

Creatures came and went on the sands nearby, but the tree paid them no mind.  It paid attention to the bright sun, the rhythm of the waves, and the shifting of the sands beneath its boulder.  The creatures would come and they would go and everything else would remain.

The tree was alone now.

It thought fondly of the days when it was surrounded by its brothers and sisters.  When they had been a whole.  Now the tree was just a single piece of a whole that no longer existed.  The tree would never be whole on its own.  That was simply not the way of things.

The tree tried to grow sideways.  It tried to expand so that there would be more of it and maybe, if it was very lucky, there would be daughter and son trees and it could be part of a forest again.  There had only been one tree before, and it always seemed to build its own forest community.

The tree was alone now.

The tree stood over its rock and watched the sea.  There were always ships coming in and going out.  The tree had seen this happen before.  There were always ships.  For as long as the tree had stood, there had been ships.  It had been a tiny sapling when the first floated across the water.

The tree thought that when its time came, it would rather drift away into the ocean.  It didn’t particularly want the creatures to drag it away and it did not want to find out what any of their strange contraptions did or felt like.  The tree did not have a thirst for knowledge.

The tree was aloe now

The light was fading and the tree continued to watch the waves as they came in again.  The tree watched the stars come out and the sky fade to inky blackness.

The tree wondered what the stars where and what would really happen when he no longer had the boulder to cling to and the soil any longer.

The tree was alone now.


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