Being Away


So I’ve been out of town for fourteen days now, and I’ll be out of town for another two.

The first week, was a wonderful vacation with my husband and his family (you can see a little about that in last week’s post).  The second Sunday and Monday were spent hanging out in Louisville, KY before my conference (Tuesday-Friday).  And this coming weekend we’re spending with college friends in Knoxville, TN.

You’d think that this would be a great way to spend two weeks.  For me, not so much.  I’m a bit of a home body, so being away for so long can get a little exhausting.

The first week was a pretty relaxing vacation with my family.  I had a ton of fun and really had a chance to recharge.  So I was going into the second week feeling pretty good.  But as of today (and I actually wrote this earlier Friday morning), I’m in my fourth of five bedrooms for the sixteen-day trip.  I’m really sick of packing and unpacking my stuff at this point and I miss my own bed and my cat.

I’m not intending this as a complaint, just a comment on how stressful traveling can be, especially to multiple locations in the same trip.  Overall, I’m incredibly glad that I’ve done this trip.  Yes, I’d have preferred to have a week in between them, but I wouldn’t give up the time with my family or my first conference experience to get it.

I’ve had a lot of firsts this week.  It’s my first visit to Louisville, KY (it’s been quite enjoyable), my first professional conference, and I gave my first conference presentation.  This is all related to my day job, not my writing, but it’s a really good experience.  It gives me an idea of how I would handle attending a writing conference and how big of one I would be comfortable with.

There was video recording during my presentation, and I was able to completely ignore the camera and focus on being a good presenter.  I wasn’t all by myself up there, which made me feel less nervous, but I felt good while I was up there and I’ve gotten some really positive feedback from other attendees and the conference organizers.

This has been a huge confidence boost, since I wasn’t sure going into this how useful my presentation would be to others.  Hearing that they enjoyed it and found it helpful has been great.  And I’ve even been asked to do it as a webinar again later, which is pretty exciting.

So despite my bout of homesickness, I’m really grateful for the trip and for how well it has all gone.  I’m looking forward to my visit with friends this weekend too.

I’d love to hear about your adventures.  What’s the hardest part about traveling for you?  Or tell me about a time you’ve had a very successful trip or conference.


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