Reveal: A to Z Challenge 2017 Post #18


Welcome to my A to Z Blogging Challenge Posts.

This month I’ve challenged myself to not only do 26 blog posts in 30 days based on One Word Writing Prompts, but also to try to link them together into some kind of cohesive whole.  I’d love to hear how you think I’m doing.  If you want to start the story from the beginning, check out the Angel post from April 1.

Today’s One Word Writing Prompt:

The definitions are from the Oxford English Dictionary via their on-line access (which I have through my University employer).  Feel free to skip down to the story segment if you don’t share my fascination with words, definitions, and shades of meaning.


reveal, n.1
1. An act of revealing something; a revelation; a disclosure; an unveiling. rare after 17th cent.
2. Broadcasting and Advertising. A final revelation of something previously kept from an audience, a participant in a programme, etc. Freq. with the.
reveal, n.2
Either of the sides of an opening or recess at right angles to the face of the work; esp. that part of the side of a doorway or window opening between the frame and the arris.
reveal, v.
1.   a. trans. To disclose or make known (something previously unknown or kept secret) in speech or writing; to divulge, declare publicly or openly. Later also in weakened sense: to tell. Freq. with to, †unto.
†b. trans. To betray (a person). Obs. rare.
†c. intr. To divulge information; to tell a secret or secrets. Obs.
2. trans. To disclose or communicate by divine or supernatural means. Freq. with to, †unto.
3. trans.
a. refl. To show oneself, make oneself visible or apparent; to make oneself or one’s true identity known to a person; to expose one’s true nature. In later use also of things.
b. To make manifest or apparent; to demonstrate, exhibit; to show (a person) to be something.
c. To expose to view, make visible; to display.

Today’s Story Segment:


Rosario was pleased with the first four outfits Javier had selected.  The slacks fit loosely enough not to draw undo attention to Uriel’s body, and the shirts, vests, and jackets complemented his wide shoulders without drowning him in fabric.  He’d even brought black and brown dress shoes that Uriel said were comfortable and socks to match.

The fifth outfit was something entirely different.

When Uriel stepped out and moved toward the mirror, Rosario’s eyes were immediately drawn to his ass, which was shown off so well he could see the muscles move.  The shirt was silk, but also appeared slightly transparent.  The teal fabric allowing Rosario to see the outline of Uriel’s muscles as he moved as well as the exact location of the angel’s nipples.

“Javier,” Rosario said slowly.  “That’s a little revealing for business wear.”

“Yes, but aren’t we all glad we got to see it at least?” Javier asked softly.

Uriel simply turned around and returned to the dressing room.  Rosario hoped the angel wasn’t offended.

“Do you need something more like the others?” Rosario asked through the door.

“Four should be enough,” Uriel replied.

“Why don’t you pick one to wear today while Javier and I settle things,” Rosario suggested.

There was no answer from Uriel, but Rosario moved off toward the counter where Javier rang everything up and showed him the total.  It was about what Rosario had expected, so he signed the slip to add it to the tab he kept at the store and moved back toward the dressing room.

“I hope I did not offend him, señor,” Javier said softly.

“I’m sure it’s fine,” Rosario replied.  “However, I would prefer you not do such a thing if he returns.”

“Of course,” Javier said quickly.  “I am sorry, but I couldn’t resist.  He’s so good looking and I thought he might appreciate seeing some appreciation.”

Rosario just nodded.  He wasn’t sure Uriel understood the kind of appreciation Javier had for his form.  All the stories would lead one to believe that angels were sexless creatures.  They were created by the Lord.  It’s not like they had a need to procreate.  But then, humans so often got things like that wrong.

Uriel was stepping out of the dressing room by the time Rosario and Javier got back.  He’d selected the brown shoes, slacks, and vest with a dark purple dress shirt.  Javier hadn’t offered any ties, and with the way Uriel had left two buttons undone, Rosario suspected he would have no interest in one.

“If you find at any point that an item doesn’t fit quite right, simply come by and I can have it altered for you while you wait,” Javier said.  “The tailors are in from nine until five.”

“Thank you,” Uriel said with a nod to Javier.

Rosario held in a sigh of relief.  Uriel seemed perfectly normal and not offended.

“I’ll just wrap up the rest for you to take with you,” Javier said, quickly gathering the three other outfits, the socks, and the other shoes.

Once Javier was out of earshot, Uriel turned to Rosario.

“I am confused by that man’s behavior,” he said softly.  “Why did he wish to see me in an outfit that was so obviously inappropriate to you?”

Rosario glanced over to make sure Javier was busy and not paying them any attention.

“He is a lover of men,” Rosario said.  “The modern term would be homosexual, or gay man,” he added, assuming Uriel would not know those terms.  “He appreciates your form and wanted to see you in something sexy.”

“This is openly accepted now?” Uriel asked.

“Not everywhere,” Rosario said.  “But it is understood by most that those who love the same gender instead of the opposite gender exist.  There are still pockets of hate toward them.  You may hear or see things at my work that will relate to that.”

“What is it you do exactly?” Uriel asked.

Rosario chuckled softly.  He’d never gotten around to telling Uriel much besides the basics he needed to function had he?

“We run a charity,” Savino replied.  “There are offices where we deal with the financials and donations and planning events and all that, but the real work happens in the homes.  We run four houses where we can take in homeless teenagers and help them get back on their feet, finish their schooling, and move on to become college students or find work.  One of our missions is to support homosexual teenagers, especially those who have been forced out of their homes because of their sexuality.”

“That sounds like admirable work,” Uriel replied.

“It is, and caring for those on the margins who have been forced out of society in some way has been a large part of my work since I joined Evander,” Rosario added.  “This work is especially dear to me now, since I recognize that I myself would be considered a homosexual by the modern definition.”

“How will you be presenting me when I am with you at work?” Uriel asked.

“We’ll cover that in the car,” Rosario said as Javier turned back toward them with three bags in his hands.

Uriel nodded.

It didn’t take long to get back to the car and let Javier settle the bags in the trunk.

“It was a pleasure working with you this morning, señor,” Javier said with a slight bow to Uriel.  “My apologies for that last outfit, but you are truly beautiful and I just wanted to give you a chance to see it.”

“Thank you for your assistance,” Uriel replied.

Javier smiled brightly before returning to the store.

“You can sit in the front or the back this time,” Rosario said before getting in the car.

Uriel chose to sit in the back again with Savino.

“At the office, I will present you as a potential donor who wants to get a feel for the everyday operations before deciding on your contribution.  That will raise the least concerns with my staff,” Rosario said as he started the car.  “At the homes, it might be simpler to have you be a staff member who will be with us for a time.  That way the teens will know that you have been properly vetted by myself and the staff.  They can be very reserved and often frightened around strangers, especially those that are not presented to them in a capacity that assures the person is trustworthy.”

“I do not wish to be disruptive to your good works,” Uriel said.  “I could remain unseen if that would be preferred.”

“Better to introduce you,” Rosario replied.  “That way the teens will at least know who you are if you ever need to come to my aid while I am at one of the homes.”

“I trust you to know best how to alleviate any concern I may cause them,” Uriel said.

“You have a certain aura about you that is calming,” Savino said from behind Rosario.  “Your size would normally make you seem intimidating, but I find your presence very comforting and reassuring, even before we were told what you are.”

“It is possible that your very nature could put the teens at ease,” Rosario agreed.  “We will see how today goes, and we can make decisions from there.”

“Agreed,” Uriel said.


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