Image Prompt 027 Response: Fall


I selected the Image of a stop along the Blue Ridge Parkway for my twenty-minute sprint this week.  If you’re looking for my A to Z post for today, come back in about an hour.  It will post at 10am EST.



The yellowing leaves were the first thing he noticed as he stepped through the portal into the human’s world.  It had been a long time since he’d seen their world during the fall.

He took a few steps away from the portal, not wanting to interfere with it closing properly.  It would open again when he came back.  It always did.

It was sunny out as he began to meander through the trees.  He touched them as he passed, pleased that they seemed to be thriving.  He smiled as he passed moss and lichen covered rocks and plenty of smaller plants.  He frowned when he came across the fence.  Fences usually meant development and humans but he didn’t sense any nearby.

He followed the fence.  If the humans were developing things near his portal, he needed to know.  The magic of it usually kept humans away, but he’d heard stories about other portals that had ceased working when the humans built too close to it.

The fence led him to a smooth road made of a black substance he’d never seen before.  It seemed to radiate heat in the bright sunlight.  The road was larger than any he’d seen before.  He was used to narrow winding things that cut across his mountains.  This one had curves, but it seemed so wide and as he followed the line of it, he thought it might float out into the air further down.

Then something went past him on the road so quickly it created its own wind.

He blinked as the shiny object slipped into the distance.  What had that been?  He peered after it, but it quickly disappeared around a bend in the road.  When a second one came, he was ready, he tracked its movements, realizing it much be some kind of conveyance.  There were humans in it.  Fascinating.

He moved away from the road.  He needed to check on his holdings here, see if they were holding up.  There had been a groundskeeper last time he was here, but he suspected it had been long enough for the man to have passed away in the interim.  Humans had such short lives.

He made his way down the slope and through forest beyond, searching for the path he remembered.  It was difficult.  The humans had changed so much about his mountain.  He finally found the trail and made his way down toward the valley below.  He could see the little house he’d built.  From this distance it looked to be in good shape.


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