Writing Adventures of April


So April is going to be a month full of writing adventures for me.

I love a good writing adventure, so this is great, but it will also mean I’m going to be very busy and possibly a little frazzled.

I covered the A to Z challenge in last week’s post and revealed my theme the week before, but writing for that is still going to be progressing into April.  Normally, I’m a little more on the ball about it and I’ve written all my posts by the end of March.  This year, not so much.  So I’ll be finishing up the twenty-six posts for that which will probably translate to about 26,000 words in total by the time I’m done.  And then I’m sure I’m going to want to finish the story by then, which will mean lord only knows how many more words.  But that’s a May problem.

The other big thing I have in April is Camp NaNoWriMo.  Anyone who’s spent much time on my blog knows that National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is a huge part of my life.  I’m a volunteer regional leader during the main challenge in November, and I’ve participated in the Camp NaNoWriMo session each April and July since I discovered them.

So my goal for this April’s camp is to spend at least 60 hours editing the next novel in my series.  I’ve been trying to edit it for two years now, and haven’t had much success.  Because one, I’m never super thrilled about editing and revision.  Drafting is by far my favorite part of the process.  And two, I’ve known the whole time that there are a lot of problems with the story, but struggled to identify what they actually are.  But now I have a much better idea, and a road map for what needs to be happening in the book.

Between finishing my A to Z Challenge posts, and editing as much as possible on book two (which will include some new chapter drafting), I’m going to be a very busy bee in April.  And that’s just my two goals.  There’s a lot of other things going on in my April.  I have a family pseudo-reunion to celebrate my grandmother turning ninety last month over the weekend of April 9.  I have big deadlines for work throughout April and need to start gearing up for the May deadlines I’m going to have as well.

But I’m reasonably optimistic about this upcoming month.  I’m going to be busy, but it will be a good kind of busy.  I’ll be accomplishing a lot of things and I’ll be seeing a bunch of my family that I don’t see very often, and I’ll get a little break from work mid-month, so it should be good.  We’ll see if I still think that come May.


2 thoughts on “Writing Adventures of April

    • Thanks so much! Writing is my passion and NaNoWriMo has really helped me along my own path. it’s a joy to volunteer to help organize things with my local participants and a great way to find other local writers and make friend.
      I’m definitely feeling a little overly ambitious right now, and I’m only one day into April!

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