Adventures with Hair Dye


I’ve always wanted to dye my hair a fun color.  Neon purple, or bright aqua, or something equally ridiculous and anime appropriate if I did my whole head.  I thought maybe doing just a streak that I could hide when I wanted or just the tips of my hair would be a nice compromise.  And then this November we were talking about it in my local NaNoWriMo online chat and someone said we should all get together at my place to do it after the holidays.

So a couple weeks ago, I had a couple friends over for a hair dye party at my house.  My only experience with hair dye was a temporary 7-shampoo wash out that my friend’s mom helped me and her do when we were about twelve.  I think it was a dark purple tint kind of thing.

This was a lot more intense than that.

There was bleach involved.  And fuchsia hair dye.  And the hairdryer I only own because my husband uses it.

Step one involved some really amusing hair styling:

Step two involved lots of smelly bleach.  (Or so they tell me.  I was too stuffy to smell any of it…)

It also involved aluminum foil and a hair dryer.  Some bleaches need to be activated with heat apparently.

My friend looked just as ridiculous as I did for most of it at least.  And of course, since we were sharing the bleach, it took almost two hours to get both of us through this step, so we looked this ridiculous for a while.

After bleaching came washing and drying and then color.  Since I was doing the tips of my hair as well as a streak, I got to sit around in the pretty cape while the dye set for forty minutes.

That was followed by rinsing the dye out with cold water.  Did you know you can get an ice cream headache from too much cold water against your head?  Not something I wanted to learn from first-hand experience really.

I’m super thrilled with the end results.

I did manage to bleach a couple shirts and a few towels in the process, but it was a super fun time with my friends, and let me check something off my bucket list.  The process went so well that I’m probably going to keep doing the streak in different colors.  I have enough dye left to renew this color when it fades, but then I’m going to move to something a bit more purple and then maybe try out some blues and greens.


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