Happy New Year – Where I’m From – 2017 Edition


I really like this poem prompt and it has a lot of room for creativity.  Once a year in January, I’m going to do the prompt again and post it to the blog to see where I’m from that year that might be different from the year before or the year after.

Here’s a link to the “Where I’m From” Prompt.  If you’d like to join me in this poem prompt, please link to your poem in the comments.

Here are links to my 2015 and 2016 poems for comparison.

And here is the 2017 version of “Where I’m From.”

I am from fine-tip pens, from Wacom Bamboo and wireless mice.

I am from the box-filled, two-bedroom, sunlit apartment.

I am from the calluna vulgaris, the purple flower covered moors.

I am from movie outings at Christmas and generosity, from Uncle Don and Gramps and Colonel.

I am from the inability to be on-time in groups and the need to plan everything even vacations and holidays.

From don’t fight with your sister and Dad isn’t going to be home for dinner.

I am from handmade paper bag Bible covers and a blessed Isis pendant.  A personal relationship with the divine and the example of my Savior.

I’m from Monroeville, PA and rural Scotland, scotcheroos and pumpkin rolls.

From the speaking tour of Scotland Grandfather Brown made as a Canadian MP to encourage immigration from places like Dundee, the letters written home to the first Catherine Cameron, and the plaid that lives on as Uncle Carl’s favorite color.

I am from family pictures on the computer, family films in Florida, ancestral papers in libraries and homes.

The joy of shared memories, the stories of the family, and the time spent with grandmothers who share it all with me.

The link to the past that I’ll never experience but always know and the history that helped create me.

Happy New Year everyone.  I hope 2017 will be a great year for all of us.

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