Adventures in Moving 4: The First Three Weeks


We’ve been in the new apartment for almost three weeks now, and moving is still taking over most of my life.  We’ve managed to get most of the living/dining room arrange the way we want it, and we’re on our second arrangement for our bedroom.  The spare bedroom (which will eventually be my office and craft space plus some exercise space) is still a giant pile of boxes and furniture.

I haven’t had much time for unpacking, since I spent one weekend actually moving, one weekend down at my parents to see my grandmother while she was visiting, and the third weekend getting the last few car loads from the the old apartment and hanging out with my in-laws who were visiting.  (They are doubly awesome for helping us carry stuff to and from cars.)  Next weekend we have to take down the things we hung on the walls and clean the old apartment, then we’ll finally be done with it except for the move-out walk-through.

Most of my belongings, including about 75% or my clothes, are in boxes, bags, totes, and luggage.  This weekend I’ll be spending a good amount of time at the old apartment and unpacking, but I also have a workshop to run for my local NaNoWriMo group (I love being an ML for a super active region), so that takes a good chunk of my Saturday away, but I will be learning more about Scrivener, so an overall win.

My husband has actually made more inroads into unpacking than I have.  He’s shipped off a bunch of his textbooks for credit, and found everything he needs for his courses this semester.  We’ve also been working on the living room area, so things like the TV, game consoles, and other media stuff, along with his PC which is staying in the living room, have all gotten unpacked (or at least are sitting next to where they’ll go ready to unpack in the case of all the consoles).

With all that and not being able to find half of what I need when I need it, I haven’t had much time for blogging.  So you can enjoy a slide show of the moving transformations in progress and hopefully I’ll be able to think about something besides moving in the next couple weeks.

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