Adventures in Moving 1: Packing, Boxes, and Tape


I’m preparing to move across town over the next several weeks.  Moving is one of those special things in life that can be equal parts exciting, stressful, and necessary.  Moving to a new place or into your very first solo place can be an amazing feeling, but the actual physical process of moving isn’t any better with that added excitement.

Compared to most people I know, I’m an expert at moving.  My family moved often enough when I was younger that I attended two elementary, two middle, and two high schools, and that just covers the moves I actually remember.  I was only six for the first move I remember helping pack for and by the time I was twelve I was responsible for packing all my own belongings.

We’re in the packing phase of our current move which means I’m getting out all the boxes I’ve been hoarding.  Some are from our last move, tucked away in closets and behind furniture so we’d have something when we needed to move again, some I’ve been collecting from my office when deliveries arrive or we empty a box of copy paper.  I’m fortunate this time around that one of my coworkers has some packing supplies and boxes they’ve offered to give me so we don’t have to buy the remaining supplies we need.

So far things are going fairly smoothly.  I’ve packed up ten boxes of books, a dozen boxes of craft and sewing supplies, and a dozen boxes of other odds and ends that we don’t use every day and can live without for a month.  This coming week I’ll be packing up our winter wardrobes.  The week after that we’ll have access to the new apartment, so we’ll start ferrying over boxes to make room for more packing and to spread out the loading and unloading.  We’ll have two weeks to do that before the big day when we have a rental truck and two professional helpers lined up to move all the furniture and other heavy items.

I know from experience that there will be sore muscles, cardboard cuts, and lots of tape in my future.  At least I also have the knowledge that this time around, I don’t have to try to lift anything too heavy for me.  Moving is always an adventure, but I’m hoping that having more time to plan and more time to physically move things will cut down on the stress of it all.  I’m excited about our new apartment (we’ll finally have hard wood floors!), and it’s a necessary move for us, but I know that the stress will creep in there somewhere because it always does.

If anyone has any tips of tricks for moving in general or keeping the stress of moving at bay, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Wish me luck!


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