Image Prompt 018 Response: The Spy in the Chapel


I picked the image of Queen Margret’s Chapel for my 20 minute sprint this week.

The Spy in the Chapel:

Ki stopped in the courtyard and took a moment to study the building.  It was a simple stone structure with a slanted roof and only one entrance.  There were three steps leading from the cobbled courtyard into the building.

It had been a chapel originally, a place of worship where the local lord instructed his own priests to minister to the poor and needy among his people.

It hadn’t been used as a chapel for years.  The most recent lord of the province had little faith and even less interest in helping the poor, so the building had sat empty for more than a decade.

It seemed like a strange place for a meeting, but then he was meeting a spy after all.

Ki glanced around the deserted courtyard, glancing at all the windows that looked down from the keep.  There was no one here to see him enter the little chapel, so he walked up the three steps and into the building.  The door was low, almost everyone else he knew would have to duck to enter, but Ki had always been small.  He could still pass for a teenager when he needed to.

As soon as he entered the chapel Ki knew that he wasn’t alone.  He could sense two other auras in the room with him, but couldn’t see them yet.  They must be concealing themselves physically rather than using magic.  Ki would have been able to see the spell even if it was powerful enough to hide the mage and his companion from view.

Ki glanced around the room, noting the dusty pews, the alter at the front of the room, and the large windows on the wall across from the door.  He wouldn’t be trapped easily in the building like this, so he slowly closed the door to the chapel, the wood making a muffled noise against the stone as it shut completely.

Ki moved to stand at the back wall.  He could see the whole room that way, and no one could come up behind him.  He knew that there was a good chance that this meeting was supposed to be an ambush.  He just needed them to either attack or reveal themselves.

“No one followed you?” a man called out.

Ki’s eyes scanned the pews on the left.  It was likely they man was simply crouching or lying behind one.

“No one followed me,” Ki replied.  “And no one saw me enter the chapel.”

“How can you be sure?” the man asked.

“You know who I am,” Ki replied.  “I know.”

“Fair enough,” the man said before standing up.

He was dressed like a common peasant, greens and browns in a utilitarian style and fabric.  He was also a rather large man, taller than most and solidly built.  Physically, Ki would never be a match for him.  Magically, Ki was in no danger.  The man was a mage, that much Ki could see what the [protection] and [air] that encircled his aura.  Based on the swirling [fear] and [worry] permeating the rest of the man’s aura he was far from certain of himself.  Ki wondered if he was afraid of Ki or afraid of being caught or seen.

“You aren’t the one who asked for this meeting,” Ki guessed.  He’d gotten the impression that the spy was a woman when he spoke with his siblings.

“What makes you say that?” the man asked, his posture stiffening and his stance shifting.

Ki recognized the defensive posture.

“You aren’t the only one here, and if you’re the first to reveal yourself it means you aren’t the important one,” Ki replied.  “I mean no harm to either of you, I just want to know about the threat that was mentioned.”

“It’s alright,” a woman said as she stood up beside the man.  “They said we could trust him.”

She was dressed all in gray from her leggings and tunic to the fabric wrapped around her hair.  Ki could see a hint of bright coppery red peeking out of the cloth.  He could understand why a spy would cover such bright hair.

“So why have you asked me here today?” Ki asked.


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