Image Prompt 017 Response – First Conversation


I chose the image of the fall maple tree in NC for my twenty minute sprint this time.

First Conversation:

Ashley settled under her favorite maple tree after her shift at the convenience store on campus.  She had some work to get done before meeting her roommate for dinner and it was a gorgeous day.  It was finally fall, the maple leaves turning a pretty orange on their way to vibrant red.

She started riffling through her backpack, looking for the book she needed.  She had sociology tomorrow and hadn’t quite finished all the reading.  Once she found the book, she zippered her bag back up and settled her back against the trunk of the maple tree.  Her roommate would pick her up on the way to the dining hall, so she didn’t have to worry about losing track of time.  Usually she had to set alarms to make sure she didn’t sit for hours and forget to go to class or her shift at work.

Soon Ashley was deep in her reading, the sidewalk beside her and even the maple tree she leaned against fading away as she focused on her work.

“Still finishing the reading?” someone asked.

Ashley looked up to find Ryan, one of her sociology classmates, standing over her with a smile.

“Yeah,” Ashley agreed.  “It’s been a busy week in my other classes.”  Ryan wasn’t in Ashley’s project group, so she hadn’t talked to him outside class before.

“Me too,” Ryan said, crouching down so he wasn’t towering over her.  “The end of the semester is always like that.”

“Yeah,” Ashley agreed with a laugh.  “They all seem to follow the same schedule, don’t they?”

“Sometimes,” Ryan agreed.  “I’ve been talking with a couple other people, and there’s some interest in getting a study group together starting now and running through the final.  Do you want to join us?”

“If I can fit it into my schedule,” Ashley said.  “Did planning get that far?”

“Not yet,” Ryan said with a grin.  “I’ve got everybody’s emails and I was going to send something out after class tomorrow so we could pick some times.”

“Sounds good,” Ashley said, reaching for her backpack grab a pen.  “I can give you my email too.”

“Mind just typing it into my phone?” Ryan asked, pulling it out of his pocket.  “I tried doing a paper list and lost it,” he said.  “I do much better when I put everything in my phone or laptop.”

“I totally get that,” Ashley replied.  “My sister’s that way.  She’s never lost her phone, but she loses absolutely everything else.”

Ryan opened a new contact and handed his phone to Ashley.

She went ahead and put in her first and last name as well as her email and her dorm number.  All that was in the public directory anyway.

“My schedules is pretty full, so I may not be able to make it to everything, but I don’t want to keep other people from studying,” Ashley said.  “So don’t worry too much about that once we get to the scheduling part.”

“We’re aiming to get at least four or five people at each study session,” Ryan replied.  “Everybody gets busy at the end of the semester.”

“Thanks for organizing something,” Ashley said.  “I wouldn’t have thought to until it was too late to do much.”

“No problem,” Ryan said, smiling at her.  “I’m glad you’ll be able to join us.”

“Me too,” Ashley replied.  Ryan was pretty cute after all.


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