S is for Science Versus Religion: Why Do These Conflict Again?


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Today’s strange thing is the argument between science and religion.

You hear about it a lot when you live in the south.  Science is about facts and doesn’t believe in God.  And religion is about God and sometimes doesn’t believe in facts.

This is a gross generalization from either perspective.  What I find strange about the whole thing is why there’s an argument to begin with.  Why can’t science and religion coexist?  Do they really contradict each other?

If you get literal with your religious texts, then they can be in contradiction with scientific facts.  However, how literally can you really take a religious text?  Can you take it out of the sociopolitical context in which it was written?  Can you discount the translations and transformations it’s undergone over time?  If it was once an oral tradition, how can you be sure of anything?  We’ve all played telephone right?  Even the well intentioned are going to transpose some letters or words here or there.

And why can’t science believe in God?  Many scientists believe in God and follow their religious faith.  Many of them even see science as upholding and supporting that faith.  They see the miracles of science and scientific discovery as a glorification of the universe created by whichever deity they believe in.

So why are we arguing again?

Just because you believe in God and God’s creation of the world doesn’t mean that things like Global Warming aren’t happening.  (God gave humanity free will in all the religions I know about.  Free will means we humans can muck up anything and everything.)

I want to take a moment to make it clear that I hold nothing against anyone who follows their religion based on their own faith.  That’s not what this post is about.  I just don’t understand how anyone can use their religious faith as a basis for disputing scientific facts or disbelieving the evidence about something happening in the world.

I’m curious to hear where others fall on the science and religion spectrum.  Do you follow a faith?  Do you believe in science?  Do you think the two are mutually exclusive, or not?


8 thoughts on “S is for Science Versus Religion: Why Do These Conflict Again?

  1. Like you, I don’t know why the arguments. I’ve never believed my faith and science are mutually exclusive. Like you said: “Free will means we humans can muck up anything and everything.” AND WE DO, all the time.

  2. Nicole Crucial

    Love this. I’m a Catholic child of a doctor and an engineer, and I couldn’t imagine being without either faith or science, honestly!

  3. randommusings29

    I think the reason they clash so much is in science, you have to have empirical evidence before your claims are taken seriously, where in religion, you just blindly believe what the bible says with no evidence for any of it.
    Personally, I believe in science, measurable things that can be proven, but if having a religious faith makes people feel better then fair play to them

  4. I am in the science camp. I believe what can be measured, but I would never criticize someone’s beliefs or faith. That’s a very personal thing. That said, the world is full of miracles from how our bodies can see, hear, and taste, the things we’ve accomplished as a species (space travel!), and the fact that we’re on a planet that is the right distance from a star to sustain life. It’s pretty amazing. It’s sad we have to argue about the details.

    • It is sad that we have to argue about the details. I’ve always felt that the two things don’t have to be mutually exclusive. It can be a miracle or a miracle of science or both that we can see, hear, cure diseases, or travel in space. Thanks for stopping by and good luck with your own A to Z blogging.

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