H is for the Human Brain: Cogitating


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The strange thing of the day is the human brain.

I find the human brain, and the human mind, fascinating things.  The brain is so complex and it’s run on chemicals and electricity, and it produces a mind that thinks and feels and remembers, and that seems like some kind of miracle.

The human brain is such a complicated thing that it’s easy for something to go wrong.  Autism, depression, ADHD, and a laundry list of other mental health concerns are tied to the brain, brain chemistry, and the body’s reaction to that chemistry.  Coming from a family with history dealing with this and marrying into another, I find the versatility of the brain to both be resilient and recover from amazingly traumatic events and the brains complete inability to support its owner through something that might seem minor from the outside to be both amazing and saddening.

But mostly, I find the human brain and its ability to support the human mind to be an amazing and miraculous thing.  Because of the unique chemistry and development of the human brain we have Shakespeare plays, the theory of relativity, and paintings that are famous the world over.  We have poets, scientists, and artists.  We have paint, word play, and mathematics.  We have philosophy.

And how fascinating is all that?  And how amazing that it comes from an organ housed in a skull that controls and entire body and mind?

I think the miraculous is by definition strange, even if it’s a miracle that happens every day.  Miracles are different and amazing and beyond our understanding.  There are plenty of neuroscientists out there who have some understanding of the brain, and I don’t want to belittle or dismiss what they do or what they know, but part of me feels like the bran is so complex and so individual that we as the human race will never be able to fully understand it.

This is also a good place for me to point out that I don’t see strange as being bad.  In many cases, I think it’s beneficial in many ways.  Being a stranger allows you to learn.  Being the person with a strange perspective allows you to look at problems in different ways and suggest solutions that no one else would have thought of.  This is especially true of the human brain.  No two are alike.  Many may be similar, but the person with the variation, with the brain that is just a little (or a lot) strange, is going to be the one to suggest something revolutionary.  I’m probably generalizing, and I’m sure there are many who have “normal” brains who do the same thing, but I think difference should be celebrated in all ways.

What do you find the most fascinating about the human brain?


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