The Lesser of Two Evils (And Why I Vote Anyway)


Normally, I try to keep politics out of my posts.  I do this because I think fiction is for everyone, writing is for everyone, and your political affiliations (or even your country of origin or residence) should have nothing to do with it.

That said, I would like to make a non-partisan comment on elections in general and my frustration with the current set of candidates for anything.

Why am I always having to vote for the lesser of two evils?

In fairness, it’s not always two.  There could be two, six, or however many are legally allowed on the ballot.  I could be picking two out of four or six.  There could also, depressingly, be no choice at all because only one person is running for the office.

But why does it seem that there are no good people left in politics?  Every candidate has some radical opinion on something in one direction or the other, whether it’s related to social issues, legal issues, fiscal issues, or foreign policy issues.

And that’s another thing.

No one really talks about the issues anymore.  Yes there are soundbites with their opinion, but no concrete plans.  No actual facts of how things are with ideas for how to change them.  No in depth analysis of what they’ll actually have to do once they have the job.  I’d even settle for a list of experts they plan to rely on to make certain kinds of decisions.  The experts would at least be likely to have published works and information available on their opinions.

I just feel like the spirit of democracy has gotten lost.

Instead of telling us their plans for the country (or state, or county, or city, or whatever), candidates run ads touting them as all American types, or family oriented, or whichever positive trait they want to convey.  Or worse, they run ads attacking their opponent(s).  I find this last type the most distasteful thing about political ads today.  If you want to tell me facts about their voting record, fine.  But give me all of them.  You want to tell me they stood against a policy or bill you would have supported, okay.  But the muckraking and name-calling and childishness of what actually goes on is just frightening.  And largely irrelevant.  Talk about issues.  Talk about facts.  Talk about your stance on something real, not some abstract like freedom or privacy or security (none of which you can have all of while also having the other two).

I’d like to think I’m preaching to the choir when I say all this, but you might disagree with me completely.  It’s always hard to tell with an internet audience.  You could, after all, be anyone.  And for that matter so could I in many ways.

Regardless of your political views or how you feel about your options.  I encourage everyone to register to vote and to vote in every election no matter how big or small.  “We the people” are the foundation of this country, and we need to make our voices heard.

I may be disillusioned with the system, angry at some of its limitations, and utterly hopeless of finding a truly good candidate that isn’t just the lesser evil, but I will still be out there voting every chance I get because my voice matters.  Yours does too.  Vote in the primaries.  Vote in the elections.  Vote on bonds and referendums, and the confirmation of judges.  If you don’t like what’s going on in the system, you have to step up and do your part.  If you don’t vote, then you have little or no room to complain about the outcome, because you never helped make it different.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you’ll be voting in your next election.

*Title Photo Is a Stock Image, Not my Work


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