Image Prompt 009 Response: Midnight at Stonehenge


I chose the Stonehenge image and this is the 20 minute sprint that came out. It ended up being a little Halloween themed. Enjoy.


Midnight at Stonehenge:

The full moon was high in the sky, surrounded by thousands of brightly twinkling stars. The advantage of being out in the middle of a plain with no cities nearby was a complete lack of light pollution. Sarah took a moment to admire the view of the stars. She never saw them like this back home. The city lights drowned everything out.

Sarah crept along the grass as quietly as she could manage. She was so excited to be here on Halloween night, but she knew it was a huge risk.

Stonehenge was private property, technically speaking, and she was most definitely trespassing. She just hoped there weren’t motion sensors or cameras.

She was almost to the stones when she heard a rustling in the grass behind her.

Sarah froze, terrified that she’d been caught.

But the noise didn’t repeat itself, so she slowly glanced behind herself. Nothing. Not a soul around in the dark night.

Sarah began walking again, slowly making her way down the marked path the tourists used every day to see the massive standing stones.

She’d been here during the day before. Several times now, actually, but never after dark. The stones seemed larger and more intimidating in the moonlight.

There was another rustling sound, this time from Sarah’s left.

She looked and there wasn’t anyone there. It must have been an animal, she thought as she kept walking toward the center of the stones.

She walked up the slight rise and carefully threaded her way between the stones so she could stand at the very middle.

She gazed up at the still standing arches.

What must it have been like to stand here when Stonehenge was freshly constructed and marvel at the feat of engineering that had raised them?

The air seemed to turn chilly as Sarah slowly turned in a circle to look at everything. She shivered and wrapped her arms around herself. Her coat just couldn’t keep the chill out.

When she’d made a full circle, Sarah looked back at the intact arch, it was the tall one with the flat stone behind it. The mist was rising as it grew ever later.

Sarah admired the look of the mist and the stones and the still green grass. It was like something out of a fairytale.

There was another rustling behind her.

Sarah turned to look, but she wasn’t alarmed now. There had to be mice or rabbits or something living in the fields surrounding the massive stone monument.

When she turned back, there was someone standing under the stone arch.

Sarah yelped, and took a hurried step back, her foot twisting on the soft ground and depositing her on the damp grass.

“It has been many years since I have met another on this night,” the figure said.

Sarah squinted up at them.

It wasn’t a cop. But she couldn’t really make them out in the mist. It seemed to have gotten thinker.

Whoever it was, they had long pale hair and bright blue eyes.

“Are you well?” the figure asked, it’s head tilting slightly to the side as it looked down at her.

“Yeah,” Sarah replied, picking herself up and dusting off her jeans. “I’m fine.”

It was weird that she couldn’t figure out if it was a guy or a girl talking to her. They were thin, so there wasn’t a lot of indication, and their face was pretty, but not so pretty to mean it couldn’t be a boy.

“I am glad,” the figure said, stepping out from between the giant stones. “I would hate to have caused you to injure yourself.”

“The grass makes a pretty soft landing,” Sarah joked, eyeing the approaching figure.

They seemed to gain detail as they approached her.

The hair was light brown rather than blond, and it hung loose to their waist. The blue eyes seemed even brighter from closer, and Sarah could see that the figure was wearing a green cloak of some kind over what looked like a wool tunic and leggings.

“So what are you doing here?” she asked, hoping the person was just another history enthusiast sneaking in for a look at the monument.

“I am always here on this night.” A soft sigh followed the words. “It has been ages since I met anyone while I was here.”

“I guess not many are as brave as us,” Sarah joked. She knew here laugh sounded a little forced, but it was just so weird meeting someone else tonight.

“Bravery has very little to do with it,” the figure replied, glancing out at the fields before looking at Sarah again. “I don’t really have a choice in the matter. I must watch over things after all.”

“You don’t have a choice?” Sarah asked. “Like it’s your job?”

She really hoped he wasn’t a security guard dressed up for the holiday.

“No, it’s far more than that,” the figure said, the following laugh deep and rich.

Sarah thought she could make out a bit of pale stubble along the figures chin. Maybe it really was a guy.

“I am always here, and I shall always be here, for so I swore with my dying breath.”

Sarah wanted to laugh, but then she looked down, and realized the guy didn’t have any feet. His legs just sort of blended away into the mist.

No one was ever going to believe this…


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