Life, The University & Everything Else


July has been an exceptionally crazy month for me.

I accepted a new job, which means I also gave two weeks’ notice at my old job, worked those last two weeks, and started a new job all in the same month.

Plus the job change meant a cell phone change so we had to go through all the hassle with that and issues with ordering and way more trouble than it should have been.

Plus I’m trying to do Camp NaNoWriMo this month.  Even with a 25,000 word goal that’s been stretching me pretty darn thin.

And I still have a whole week of the month left!

And I’m not even complaining.  I’m super happy about everything going on this month.

I have a great new job working at a University with wonderful people doing work that will actually matter to someone’s education, which is something I really care about.

I was sad to leave all my coworkers at my old job, and wish they could have found a replacement in time for me to train someone, but the job change was a positive thing in my life.  I no longer work 3 hours away from my actual home.  This is a huge plus.  Not to mention the amazingness of the new job.

Camp NaNoWriMo is going about as well as I expected it to.  I knew my last two weeks at my old job and my first two weeks at my new one would mean less time to write.  This is a fact of jobs.  But I’m getting more words written than I would otherwise, so I will forge ahead even if I fall short of my goal this time around.

And while all this may not seem like ‘Life, The Universe & Everything’ to you, it’s certainly filling my universe right now.  And when I told my husband about this post and what I was calling it, he suggested “Life, The University & Everything Else” which was just to amazing not to use for my title.

What’s consuming your life and universe right now?  Is it something you prioritized, or something life (or work or family) prioritized for you?

And if things are going swimmingly and in balance for you, was there a time when things weren’t and you were struggling?  How did you cope?

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