Locke: The Most Beautiful Dumpster Cat


Locke is a nine year old domestic short hair according to my vet.  I say according to my vet because I don’t know where or even exactly when my cat was born, let alone anything about his parents.  He’s gorgeous, but based on where he came from he really doesn’t have any right to be.

2015-06-26 Locke Leopard

This is the story of the most beautiful dumpster cat.

Locke was discovered in a box beside a dumpster at a fast food place in Gaston County, NC.  My sister-in-law came out of the place after lunch and heard him crying.  Being the animal lover that she is, she went looking for the source of the plaintive mewing and found a box by the dumpster.  Locke was inside, along with two other kittens who had already expired due to the oppressive summer heat.

My sister-in-law brought the surviving kitten home with her and nursed him back to health.  The plan was to advertise him as a kitten available for adoption.

Within a few weeks, my husband had fallen in love with the tiny ball of black fur.  He named him Locke, not after the philosopher, but after a video game thief who was named after the philosopher.

2015-06-26 Locke Kitten

We joke about Locke being a dumpster cat, and a little sun-damaged, but both of those things are serious issues.  I love cats.  I tolerate the dogs that belong to my family members.  I appreciate the beauty of all sorts of animals.  I want to see all domestic animals have a chance at a happy future in a good home.

Shelters aren’t always a great option because there’s a time limit and the animal might be euthanized if it isn’t adopted fast enough.  There are no-kill shelters, but they often have wait lists for entry and are sorely lacking in funding.

In honor of my own rescued kitten, I’d like to ask everyone who loves animals, or just doesn’t want to see them put to death for not having a home, to support their local no-kill shelter.  Here’s a link to the No Kill Network, where you can find no-kill shelters in all 50 states, Washington DC, and Puerto Rico.  Once you’ve found your local no-kill shelter, there are many ways to give: money, food, time, and opening your home as a foster-home for the animals.

I’d also like to encourage those looking for a new pet to seek out a rescue for themselves.  My little dumpster kitten is the most beautiful and wonderfully tempered animal.  He’s sweet, playful, and loving.  He doesn’t even try to claw me when we bathe him.  Most shelters will let you have some time to get to know the cat you’d like to adopt before you take them home with you, so you can pick an animal whose temperament matches your own.  If there isn’t a no-kill shelter near you, go to the local Human Society, or your county or city animal shelter or pound.

Have you ever rescued an animal before?  Adopted a stray?  I’d love to hear your story.


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