Image Prompt 005 Response: Renaissance Festival


I picked the braided hair image.  For anyone curious about the picture, this was taken at the Carolina Renaissance Festival held every October and November in Huntersville, NC.  If you’re in the area, it’s a great event and I highly recommend it.


Renaissance Festival:


“I’ve always wanted to do this,” Candice said as she settled on the stool in the hair braiding shop at the Renaissance Festival.

“I’d love to learn how,” Hillary replied.  She loved the intricacy of the fancy braids they did.

“’Tis a fine skill to have, m’lady,” the shop woman replied with a smile as she began to comb Candice’s long brown hair.

“How long did it take you to learn?” Hillary asked.

“A fortnight, give or take,” the woman replied in her ye-olde-English accent.  “Takes daily practice and good instruction,” she added.

Hillary watched as the woman separated strands of Candice’s hair and began to brain them close along her head.  She made two French braids from the temple to the back of the head, leaving a few strands loose for the smaller braids in the design Candice had picked out.  The woman’s fingers seemed to move so quickly as she finished the braids and pinned them in place.

“What color flowers would you like, m’lady?” the woman asked as she was putting the finishing touches on the small twist braids and pinning them in place as well.

“Green,” Candice answered.

“To match your bodice and your eyes, right?” Hillary asked with a laugh.  Candice was forever using green accessories to bring out the green in her eyes.

“There you are, m’lady.  The style looks lovely on you,” the shop woman said as she handed Candice a mirror.

“Oh, thank you,” Candice gushed as she hopped off the stool and reached into one of the pouches at her waist to pay the woman.

“Enjoy your day at the fair, ladies,” the woman said as she handed Candice her change and took back the mirror.

“We will,” Hillary replied as they stepped out of the hair braider’s booth and back onto the Renaissance Festival path.

“What do you want to do first?” Candice asked.

“I don’t know.  It’s been a few years since I came.  Are there any new shows I don’t want to miss?”

“There are new acrobats,” Candice said as she pulled open the festival map to see what shows were playing where.  “They’ve been here a few years now and are very good.”

“Are they the ones I say on the website on stilts?” Hillary asked.

“That’s them,” Candice replied.  “There are a few new musical groups that are good too.”

“I want to see the acrobats.  The one guy is so hot.”

Candice laughed as they paused outside the Ye Olde Broom Shop.  “You are so predictable,” she said as she pulled her camera out of one of the pouches at the waist.  “Take pictures of my hair,” she requested, glancing around to make sure they were close enough to the edge of the path not to block traffic.

“Of course,” Hillary replied, smiling as she took the camera.  “We’ll have to get some of both of us since I’m all dressed up today too.”

Hillary took a few close up shots of Candice’s hair, and then had her step back so she could get a few shots of Candice in her black and green leather bodice, black peasant blouse, green, black, and red plaid bustled overskirt and black skirt.  It was such a great look on Candice, really bringing out her curves and how nice her figure was.

“Let me get some of you too,” Candice said, snatching the camera away and turning it on Hillary.

Hillary laughed and brushed her wavy light brown hair off her shoulders so it didn’t hide her own bodice.  She’d decided to wear her green and blue brocade bodice today with a pale green peasant blouse, a medium blue skirt and a grass green bustled overskirt today.  She and Candice used to go to the Renaissance Festival every single year while they were in high school and college.  Now that they were older and Candice was a mom, they didn’t always make it every year, but they still enjoyed it and had fun dressing up and spending a day together pretending to be peasants from long ago out for a day at the fair.

“Okay, enough,” Hillary said, laughing as she tried to snatch the camer away from Candice.  “You have plenty of pictures of me in this outfit.”

“I just want to commemorate the day,” Candice said, flipping the camera around to look at the pictures they’d just taken.  “We’ll definitely have to get someone to take a few of the both of us,” she said as she finished.  “It’s been too long since we’ve come.”

“It has,” Hillary replied.  “Life has been crazy, but it’s finally starting to settle down again.”

“So maybe you can come again next year?” Candice asked hopefully as they began to stroll down the path once more.

“I should be able to.  I actually work forty hours a week Monday through Friday now.  A weekend trip down to visit you and come here shouldn’t be hard at all.”

“I’m glad.  I know how rough it was when you were on call all the time with that last job.”

“Yeah.  Enough about work though,” Hillary said, looping her arm through Candice’s.  “Let’s go see the hot acrobat and all our favorite shows.”

“Acrobats ho!” Candice called happily as they headed deeper into the fair.


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