?&! is for WTF!?


So the A to Z Blog Challenge is technically over. You should still check out the challenge and all those participating at their site.

But today is also Friday, and Friday is my normal post day, so I thought I’d end with a wrap up of the month. Besides, it’s fun to be able to say “Punctuation is for WTF!?” when I read my blog title. Punctuation is very important after all. We don’t want to get our clauses confused!

Lets Eat Grandma

I was successful. I posted 26 blog entries on 26 different days in the month of April. And I found a few new readers along the way. Well, my follow by email and WordPress both went up at any rate…

If you were participating too, how did it go for you? Did you discover new blogs, get into a better writing habit for your blog, or find new readers? Maybe you managed all three?

For those who have been reading along, what did you like best about this month’s challenge? Did you find a new blog you love? Learn something as you checked out all the different options participating in the challenge? What did you like best (or least) about the April adventure?

I hope you’ve all enjoyed the ride with me. Starting now, we’re back to our normal Friday posting schedule and you can look forward to the monthly Image Prompt next week.


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