U is for Uniqueness


If you stumbled upon me through the A to Z Blog Challenge, welcome. If not, check out the challenge and all those participating at their site.


There are lots of things that I love about uniqueness, and lots of things I love that are unique. This goes for everything out there, not just writing, but today, I’ll look at some of the writing related uniqueness that I love.

In writing there are a lot of things that are better when they are unique. Character, details, plot, and setting combinations being one of the big ones.

The important thing isn’t for absolutely everything to be unique, just for your specific combination to be unique. It’s almost impossible to have everything about your story be unique, it’s all about putting your own spin on it. Where you can find your uniqueness is the specific details you add in to make it your own.

So what’s really unique about each story is the details. And I love details. The specific looks of a character combined with their personality is what makes them come alive on the page. The same goes for the places you create and the world you build. These details are the uniqueness that you bring to the story.

And on a completely different note…

At this point, I will admit that I’ve struggled a little with this 26 posts for 26 days in the 30 days of April thing. But I made it through 21 posts so far! I’m really proud of myself. Blogging is a fairly new thing for me, and I feel like I’m making progress. And it’s been so much fun hopping around the A to Z challenge and reading other blogs and getting to know other bloggers.

What have others been getting out of blogging this month? Are you being more productive? Meeting new people? Gaining followers? What’s your favorite thing so far?


4 thoughts on “U is for Uniqueness

  1. I usually am happy to post once a week, so April is always a challenge for me, but this is my third year and I’ve survived so far. I enjoy getting new visitors and discovering new blogs to follow.

    • I think I’m going to be the same way. Once a week for the year, and 26 posts in April. I’m already brainstorming for next years theme. I’ve had so much fun visiting everyone’s blogs this month.

  2. Catherine Johnson

    Wow you are brave doing this if you are new to blogging. I already committed to blogging every day this year to make one thing a day like a poem or art and I’m sure I haven’t managed that each day. Well done!

    • Thanks. I started the blog in September (only posting once a week), and I’m going to make it through this challenge without missing a day which almost doubles my number of posts. It’s pretty exciting. It’s been fun visiting others doing the challenge too.

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