T is for Titles


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Titles, like covers, are a very important part of the book selling process.

Some authors come up with their title first, and then build a book around it. I’m not that good. I write the book, and often revise it all the way to completion, before I settle on a title.

To be honest, titles are something I struggle with. I tend to come up with dozens before I find one I like. I have as much trouble with chapter titles as I do book titles. For some books, I’ve had so much trouble with chapter titles that I just gave up and didn’t use any. Books have to have a title though.

There are many ways to come up with titles. You can describe a place or person important to the book. You can name it after a single character or place in the story. You can make a pun or a reference to another book, a song lyric, or even a line in a poem or play. The possibilities are endless really.

Your title, like your cover and your blurb, need to tell your reader something about your book. What it says and how much is up to you, but it’s something to keep in mind as your crafting your title.

What kind of titles do you like best? Ones that tell you exactly what to expect, or ones that leave a little mystery?


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