P is for Paranormal


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I’ve loved the paranormal genre since before I knew the right word for it. Mixing magic and the fantastical in with modern day has always been a favorite of mine for reading and for writing.

The genre has so many possibilities, which is one of the things I love about it. You can set it in modern day, or just in the modern era. You can have one thing that’s different, or dozens of things. And the sheer number of magical, mythological, or supernatural things that you can add into your world is staggering, from the popular vampires and werewolves, to witches, wizards, ghosts, and fairies.

I like to combine several different kinds of paranormal elements so they can interact in my stories. Witches allying with werewolves. Vampires preying on wizards. Fairies working with humans. Playing with the different elements is just so much fun. The paranormal elements can be a hidden part of the world where discovery is a danger, or they can be an accepted part of the world’s reality.

In my Swords & Shields series, I’ve combined a lot of different elements to create my own world. The first book, Strong Fort Spathí, introduces the werewolves, witches, and fae, but they aren’t the only elements I have planned for the world. This first book just brushes the surface of the possibilities for the world as a whole, and I’m looking forward to exploring it in future books.

I’ve taken different paths in other projects I’m working on. In Swords & Shields the paranormal elements are acknowledged parts of the world that all humans are aware of. In some of my other pieces the fae are a secret in the word, or the witches are acknowledged as real but the werewolves, vampires, fae, and elves are still in hiding. There are elements I like to return to again and again, but that just makes it so much more fun, being able to try all the different iterations of a given element in different stories.

What are some of your favorite paranormal combinations? How about a favorite book or series?



2 thoughts on “P is for Paranormal

  1. I like combining paranormal elements as well. Mortal supernatural abilities, ghosts, vampires, shape-shifters…along with supernatural creatures concocted entirely from my own “what if” imaginings.

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