O is for Organizing


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Organization is one of those things about being a writer that you don’t often focus on, but is incredibly important to your ability to be productive.

There are tons of strategies out there for how to organize your work. I have author friends who recommend Scrivener, Scriptito, and Evernote. I haven’t tried any of them yet, but if you’re looking for a way to organize you should check them out. I know tons of people who love them and programs like them.

I’ve organically developed my own organization strategies over the years. Mine encompasses files on my computer, links from the web, images for inspiration, and a myriad of other helpful resources I’ve found for that particular project.

I started out with different word documents: one for the story itself, one for plot points, one for the setting and world building details, and one for all the characters.

Eventually I learned better strategies. I keep my character descriptions in spreadsheets now. So I can have a column for each detail (eye color, hair color, basic style, body type, name, nicknames, relationships, etc) and fill them in as I come up with them. It makes it so much easier to find the detail I need when I need it. I just scroll to the character and then across to the detail I need.

When I began writing stories in series, I started organizing the files better. I know break down my works in progress by genre and series folders. Under those folders are the stories, world building, and other folders to keep things organized. I have glossary and translation files in word and excel. I have folders in my web browser bookmarks/favorites to organize which links are relevant to which story/series I was working on, or if they are a general help or research links.

Organization is something that you have to make work for you. If you have a system you like, stick with it. If you don’t, try out different programs. A lot of them are free or have free trials. But if you want to write and you want to keep all the outside the story information where you can access it, you have to find an organization system that works for you.


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