K is for Keyword


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Keywords are what I think of when the average Twitter user thinks of Hashtags. It’s a similar principle anyway. Keywords are what you use to ID what you have and how people will be looking for it. (You might even bring up the dreaded SEO topic with these!)

But how do you know what the most important keywords are (or what hashtags to use)?

Take my first book for example. I can think of tons of keywords to use with it (many of which are hashtags):

Werewolf, witch, paranormal, fae, faery, fairy, magic, supernatural, kidnapping, rescue, spell, wiccan, LGBTQ (or GBLTQ or whatever order you want them in), debut, novel, book 1

And the list could go on. But which ones do I use? And how to I pick.

My answer? Variety. Use as many as you can, but use them in different posts, tweets, and sites. Use one or two at a time, maybe three if you can fit them all in a sentence properly. Spread them out over time so you aren’t bombarding your audience, and see where it goes.

Look at which ones get traction, and focus there.

How do you narrow down which keywords and hashtags to use when trying to grab your audience’s attention?



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