G is for Group


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Many people think that authors are solitary creatures who lock themselves away in rooms to write. There are probably a few writers out there that do this, but most authors are actually social creatures at heart, even if they might be a bit introverted.

One of the most important social groups for an author is their writing group. This group may take many forms. It could be a collection of online friends who help the author with drafting, revision, and beta reading. This group could be a collection of real life friends the author meets with on a regular basis. They might even be a mix of the two.

Finding a writing group can be difficult, especially if you don’t live in a very densely populated area, but there are other writers out there. If you are having trouble finding writing friends that you can meet with in person, try on-line. Find one of the many writing communities (there are dozens, so I won’t list them here, just Google community + writer, writing, author, or similar words to find them).

One of the places I’ve found the most writing friends to add to my own personal writing group is through NaNoWriMo. The November event has helped me meet dozens of new writers each year in person, and given me the opportunity to interact with the 100’s of thousands who participate each year online. I’ve made lasting friendships each and every year.

Where do you find your writing group? Do you have a favorite online writer networking or critique site?


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