F is for Fun


If you stumbled upon me through the A to Z Blog Challenge, welcome. If not, check out the challenge and all those participating at their site.


Never underestimate the importance and power of fun.

You always do better when you’re having fun while you’re doing something. And you tend to work harder on the things you enjoy. SO if there’s something you love that you want to spend all your time doing, be sure to remember not to lose the fun.

With writing, there are lots of ways to keep things fun.

I try lots of different prompts to keep things different, which keeps the spice in my writing by making me try new things and stretch my writing muscles. I also like to dabble in different genres for the same reason. Sometimes I’ll even dabble in different points of view or tenses just to try something on for a while and get a fresh perspective on a scene.

Another thing I’ll do is different kinds of exercises. One of my favorites is one where I try to use every one of the five senses to help bring a scene alive. Another is to write a scene with no internal dialogue from the characters, it all has to come across in the actions and dialogue.

The long and short of it really, is that I find is fun to do all these different things. It’s that sense of fun that keeps everything lively and keeps my writing fresh in my own eyes.

What do you do to bring out the fun in your favorite activities? And if you’re a writer, what are some of the things you find the most fun about writing?



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